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link470 wrote:
Monkey wrote:I recently found that my battery is dead for Link's Awakening.
What's it doing? Does the Gameboy Color just restart over and over again after displaying the boot screen? If it does, I had that happen to my copy too, and I turned the GBC off for a bit, and then turned it on later after I had the game in it for awhile. When I turned it on later, it did the same thing once or twice, and then booted into the game, but it would restart after selecting my old save file and playing for a couple seconds. Then I'd loop the process a bit and get further each time, and eventually, it didn't restart at all. I went through the whole game without it restarting on me once.

Or maybe your game just fails to save now?
The save files are usually blank when I boot it up. Occasionally a save will be there, but not for longer for a day and they're only there like 50% of the time.

That looping reboot happened to my copy of Pokemon blue on a gameboy, but it would freeze after pressing start on the start screen on GBA. I opened it up, disconnected/reconnected the battery and for some reason, it then would boot up, but certain graphics are garbled (all the bigger ones like professor oak at the beginning and in-battle/start screen pokemon) and it won't load saves. LeafGreen isn't quite the same and I did play Blue semi-regularly throughout the cartridge's life. I might have to replace that one.

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