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My dear friends of's time. It's the moment you've been waiting for ALL YEAR SO FAR literally 3 days WOW, THE HYPE IS REAL! It's the #2020 gaming goals thread!! As I sit here at 1 AM after prepping my tax documents for this past year, sipping on some water and eating candies out of a Super Nintendo controller tin while remembering how incredibly single I am, I'm also reflecting on what games I'll be playing this year.

There's been a lot of awesome titles out this past year which has made it quite challenging to choose some, or even hope to finish some of these, and my dudes, there's one company I have to blame right now. That's right. Epic Games. How dare they release a free game every couple weeks and a free game EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. over this past Christmas holidays. That was terrible. What an awful thing to do to ones productivity and gaming plans for the year but for real though it's pretty great lol I got a ton of gam-

Now, of course I evaluated these in moderation and I only clicked to "buy" the free games I thought I'd actually play after a careful review process (looking at the title of the game on Epic, opening Steam and finding the same game, laughing at the fact the game is selling for literally any amount above zero dollars and audibly saying "lol what a bad deal" complete with pronouncing el oh el, reading the reviews, and going back to Epic afterwards to either proceed with obtaining the game or not proceed). But I did end up with some of these games, and some of these games are on my list.

It's gonna be big, but it's also going to help me take some time for myself and not work 54 hours a day.

My NC dudes...are we ready? LET'S DO THIS!

Games I'd like to finish by the end of 2020:

Hyper Light Drifter [Completed January 2020]
•The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
Firewatch [Completed January 2020]
Everything [Completed January 2020]
ABZU [Completed January 2020]
Bad North [Completed February 2020]
Inside [Completed January 2020]
Last Day Of June [Completed January 2020]

Nintendo Switch
•Luigi's Mansion 3
•Pokemon Shield

Nintendo DS
•Pokemon White
•Pokemon White 2

Nintendo 3DS
•Pokemon X
•Pokemon Ultra Moon

This is a hard question and one I don't think I can answer well. Mostly because I don't usually follow through. However!

-Link's Awakening - I want to finish getting the special ending on the DX version again (played on my 3DS) and then play through the Switch version again, also aiming for the special ending. (Special ending involves no deaths. The Switch version is magical and I can't recommend it enough, especially if you have strong nostalgia for the original or DX versions. <3 )
-Titanic: Adventure Out of Time - A PC game from my childhood. I want to get the best ending. I don't think I'm going to get there on this playthrough, but this was my first attempt in literally over a decade. Possibly one and a half.
-Read Only Memories: 2064 - This one has been hovering in my peripheral vision for a while now. I need to pick a system (Pretty sure I have it on PS4/Vita/PC) and play through it. I loved Snatcher, so.
-VA-11 Hall-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action - Also should play through this.
-Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc - I beat mission 1. This game grinds on my nerves, but I do want to finish the rest of it. And maybe the three other games that I'm aware of in the series.
-Pokemon Let's Go Eevee! Edition - As I mentioned in another post, this game is so saccharine cute that I might not survive, but I do want to at least beat the Elite Four. I also need to research how best to have it interact with my phone.
-Pokemon Moon - Bought this version instead of Sun by mistake while I was super exhausted and full of painkillers, but I did get a long way through the game and was actually enjoying it quite a bit... except for my pesky need to try to catch all the Pokemon and the fact that my adorable Litten turned into some ugly fire luchador.
-Triforce Heroes - I'm so, SO close! I just need good players to team up with so I can clear the final stages and get the last few outfits. Any takers?
-Detective Pikachu - <3
-Pokemon Red...maybe - I brought my Game Boy Pocket and Red to a convention as a gag (the idea was to pull it out whenever someone talked about Pokemon Go) but I've actually spent a lot of time thoughtfully crafting my team and grinding, and beat Misty's gym. Now I'm stuck trying to decide whether to continue on with original hardware... or switch to my more convenient 3DS and lose my progress... or call Eevee Edition good... or just drop it all together. Don't know!
-Final Fantasy XIV...maybe - I really do want to play this more, but that comes in direct conflict with spending more time with the people around me. I don't have a specific goal in mind, other than to make more progress than just signing in to do the holiday events.

I can think of more, but these are the ones that came to mind most readily. :)

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Warp2063 wrote:
January 4th, 2020, 10:53 am
-Link's Awakening - I want to finish getting the special ending on the DX version again (played on my 3DS) and then play through the Switch version again, also aiming for the special ending. Special ending involves no deaths.
Whooaaa, how did I not even know that existed! *thinks back to his death count when he played DX* ah right. Now I know why...

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2019 was a pretty big decline in terms of completion compared to previous years. It's also coincidentally the year I started a serious relationship, so I think correlation means causation in this case! Not that it's a bad thing, but my interests have since diversified. Last year I played piano and started drawing lessons. This year I'll be doing some more crafty things like cross-stitching and knitting! I've got a lot of hobbies on the go, and that means slow progress. I definitely left gaming by the wayside last year, but I haven't forgotten about it. I still enjoy playing games! I like to play shorter experiences instead of big 80 hour grinds these days. In 2020 I'm not looking to finish all of these games, but at least make some progress on each. Anything I don't end up enjoying after an hour or two should be culled -- there is no more backlog here!

Nintendo Switch
✅ Iconoclasts (completed January 17th, 2020)
Bury me, my Love
✅ GRIS (completed January 21st, 2020)
Return of the Obra Dinn

✅ The Red Strings Club (completed February 9th, 2020)
✅ A Bird Story (completed January 13th, 2020)
✅ Finding Paradise (completed January 18th, 2020)
Ori and the Blind Forest
✅ Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (completed January 29th, 2020)

link470 wrote:
January 4th, 2020, 11:34 am
Whooaaa, how did I not even know that existed! *thinks back to his death count when he played DX* ah right. Now I know why...
Just a matter of not saving if you die, and always carrying a Crazy Tracy potion (revive on fainting with some hearts restored). It's pretty doable, at least for present-day me. Anyway, I believe the soonest you can get the potions is once you obtain the Power Bracelet (L-1) in Bottle Grotto (2nd dungeon). And in the remake, you can get bottles and capture fairies in them, on top of still being able to get her potion.

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Drevin wrote:
January 4th, 2020, 4:29 pm
I almost added Celeste was one of the free games for Epic, but didn't because I didn't want to add too much. I'll be playing that though if I finish everything.
Drevin wrote:Finding Paradise
If I can offer one piece of advice, do the Minisodes (2 of them) for To The Moon if you haven't, and then do A Bird Story first. The 2 minisodes are about 45 minutes total for both of them, and A Bird Story is about 90 minutes. Highly recommend doing those before Finding Paradise if you have a Saturday morning to spare with a cup of tea. There's a connection to Finding Paradise.

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I'm going to beat Galaga GALAGA III AKA GAPLUS in the arcade.

I've edited this post like 5 times. I think it's Galaga III in a Gradius cabinet. I'm going to beat whatever it is.


I posted something about arcade games and the price or retro games in the original post, but quickly edited after I realized I was wrong and couldn't delete the post. Then I subtlebragged about living close to Funspot.

THE LIST (may edit or ignore per usual):
Galaga III


I have so many distractions. My boyfriend gave me Toad's Treasure Tracker on the Switch, so I guess that's on my list now. And then a friend got me hooked on Skyrim*. Aaaaaand then the other day I got a craving to play some Dreamcast, so I put in Skies of Arcadia and loaded up my incomplete 2009 save file. After a bit of flailing, I'm finally moving forward with the plot again. Maybe I'll actually complete the DC version? (I beat the GameCube version before I even owned a Dreamcast, so technically I've beaten the game before - now I'm just doing it with more random battles and slower load times. I hate the South Ocean. Also, I need to find my official rumble pak; this third party one is liable to liquefy my bones during some of the events.)

*Playing Skyrim with mods; Otherwise I'd have given up at the first town, like I did with the other Elder Scrolls games before it. Compulsorily picking up and hoarding/selling everything that wasn't nailed down in order to get coin to fund my adventure was a non-starter. Now, with faster level-ups, the carrying capacity of a titan, and the ability to craft most stuff without materials (so infinite gold and arrows and somewhat decent weapons from the get-go)... I can play the game at my own pace and have fun without much of the frustration.

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