Super Mario Run

For all the consoles in Nintendo's vast legacy.
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Out now on iOS, out soon on Android.

The game has you auto-running and you interact by touching the screen. As per usual, the longer you hold the button (in this case screen) down, the longer you stay in the air.

Looks like 6 worlds by 4 levels, special coins to find/collect, not sure what they earn at this point, if anything.

Worth the price of free, download today (shareware model).

You have to be online to play.

Weird to play a real, deal Mario game on a cell.

Strange New Directions In The Times We Live.

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I downloaded it last night at Devo's! I haven't actually gotten to sit down and play it for a little while but I'm planning to do that tonight. Devo was saying getting some of the coloured special coins was actually pretty difficult. I'm also not one for in app purchases, or even paid games in general, but this one I *may* have to make an exception. The game definitely looks more in depth than I had originally thought when it was first shown off.

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I'm digging it. Bite-sized Mario which is perfect for those moments where you need to kill 2-15 minutes. Yes the pink/purple/black coins can be quite tricky.

If you're not a fan of collecting coins, there might not be enough here to warrant the purchase, although Rally mode might make up for that. Good news is you can try everything for free

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