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No Pokemon at all in the woods in a public park :(. There's even pokestops in there. Seems like all the action is downtown. Edit: other public parks are showing up as dark green on the map. I'll try one of those.

Impressions Edit: Played a bunch today. I'm level 7. I don't know if I like it yet. The never ending turf war of Ingress never appealed to me and the Pokemon battles are super simplified.

AFAIK, you can only battle at gyms, which are already seeing Pokemon exceeding 1000CP in my town. I think they might be a good way to gain experience, but they've always bugged out if I managed to take a Pokemon down, so who knows.

I think it's good that challengers have an advantage, otherwise the top players would keep leveling off each other while lower levels players couldn't. At least you can use 6 to take down one and get some experience. Once I get a team of decent 'mons, I may find more enjoyment.

On a positive note, I love how the same Pokemon show up for everyone. Definitely potential for a more social game. There was a Gloom at my parents' house, I informed my sister, she opened the app and got one too.

Another impressions edit: Now that lag is a bit less of an issue, I capped a couple gyms and can see how this game can be fun. It's about holding gyms and building a balanced gym team with strangers.

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I played for 6 hours at the park yesterday morning and tons of people were playing it. I got so addicted that last night at midnight my roommate and I decided to go out to catch more pokemon. We found like 50 other people chaining Lures on 3 adjacent pokestops and stayed out until 4am.

Level 16 now and haven't used any stardust at all. Afraid that it'll just be wasted if I choose the wrong pokemon.

The gym glitches are really pissing me off. 1hp left and they're invincible



Jolteon just fucking destroys everything. It attacks really fast and has type advantage against nearly all the common gym leaders.

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If your Jolteon is 713CP and you didn't use any stardust what CP was your Eevee?

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Stardust does seem better off saved. I've used a bunch then ended up catching an equivalent wild Pokemon.

Edit: Yeah, you run into higher CP pokemon as you level. Finding a pidgey near my CP cap and evolving it results in a pidgeot as strong as one I dumped stardust into. I'll be saving all my stardust now as I'm no longer competitive against gym leaders.

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Who's still playing? Just hit level 18 (small town...) I've got a ~500CP Sandslash that wrecks all the Jolteons/Flareon/Birds/Bugs in town. I wish I had some candy to bring him up to their levels. I got lucky and hatched two Sandshrews.

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Still going here, L17. I need a solid electric type, hoping to find a few more Eevees and get a Jolteon.

Jealous of your Sandslash Monkey! I hatched one Sandshrew myself though...

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Not sure if you know, but if you nickname your Eevee "Pyro" "Sparky" or "Rainer" before evolving you can choose the Eeveelution. Jolteon is the best Eeveelution, IMO since it's not weak to either of the other two.

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Monkey wrote:Who's still playing?
I'm playing! I'm level 12 at the moment, so not a ton of experience. I'm having fun with the game though, and it's amazing how many people are out playing it. I knew there'd be people playing the game, but the amount of people I see out playing it far surpasses what I thought. Although, I'm not surprised either.

The main thing I'm still trying to get an idea of is exactly how long to wait or when I should be powering up or evolving my Pokemon. I've seen some people going "ya man, go ahead and evolve" and other articles going "DO NOT power up or evolve your Pokemon!", which I'm assuming they mean earlier on in the game since you'll just find higher CP Pokemon as you level up. But I'm still trying to get a good idea of exactly when to do that, besides just mass using candies to evolve Pokemon when you're using one of those 30 minute eggs for the XP boost.
Monkey wrote:Not sure if you know, but if you nickname your Eevee "Pyro" "Sparky" or "Rainer" before evolving you can choose the Eeveelution. Jolteon is the best Eeveelution, IMO since it's not weak to either of the other two.
I saw info online talking about this as well. I also saw this video that talked about the move set that certain Eevee's have, and that depending on the moves of the one you have, it'll evolve into a certain evolution of Eevee. Unconfirmed though, I haven't seen many Eevee's and I haven't evolved the ones I have because I'm guessing I'll get more.

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Level 18 here. Took some time off because I was sick recently. Hoping to go out a ton next week and hit level 30 by next month. Strongest pokemon in SF are hitting 2200 CP from trainers level 25ish.

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They're level 25ish here, too, though it's not uncommon to see level 15 gym leaders still.

I'm just waiting for all the Gyradoses to start showing up. It's got to be soon here, since downtown runs along a river. I need a Lt. Surge team.

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So I've gotten good at dodging and the battling is more fun. It's good for leveling up friendly gyms. My 475 Pikachu can take out 1000+ Pidgeots. Sandslash is a champ again, even though he's less that 700CP.

I hatched a 600cp Machop today. He'd be a beast of a Machamp if I had the candy.

I'm intentionally not looking too deep into the mechanics, because the guys that do don't seem to have as much fun. Attackers have a huge advantage, so just use whatever Pokemon you like.

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What level are you now Monkey? Have you made any real-money purchases with the game? I never make in app purchases, so I'm only using pokecoins that are collected from having a Pokemon in a gym, and I find that it's easiest to do this just before bed. There's a few gyms around here, so sometimes if I'm coming home late, I'll make a quick stop at each local gym in the area surrounding my house, put a Pokemon in or take it over and then put one in, and then collect right there. I find gyms are rarely held for a full 21 hours (the coin collect refresh time, if I remember right).

Definitely having fun with the app. Not making it my every day priority by any means but it's super fun on the go and believe it or not, has actually gotten me on some evening walks with friends.

Current Pokedex: Caught and Seen 69
Monkey wrote:I'm intentionally not looking too deep into the mechanics, because the guys that do don't seem to have as much fun.
Totally agree.

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I'm level 20 as of now, but I've got tens of thousands of XP saved in evolutions for my next lucky egg. I stopped playing for a while when the tracker wasn't functioning well. I used to play a couple hours a day, now it's more casual.

I haven't spent any real money in this or any f2p game. I've never held a gym for more than a few hours, nor have I ever held more than four. I live in a small town, but it borders a college town and there's lots of young folk here. Plus, there's a couple guys on Valor that take the whole town every night at like 3am. Not a bad strategy, but I'm not that dedicated.

Edit: Caught 66 Seen 68 (Still salty at missing out on a Victreebel.)

What level is everyone else at?

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Monkey wrote:there's a couple guys on Valor that take the whole town every night at like 3am.
Heh ya I think there's a few that do that around here too. Funnily enough, also team Valor.
Monkey wrote:What level is everyone else at?
I've been playing mostly casual as well. I'm at level 21. It's definitely more fun to play with people in my experience, although alone isn't terribly bad either. My cousin has been out visiting and she has it, so we've walked around highly populated areas [with Pokestops] and caught up with each other and played.

I find it's good for that. You don't have to be paying a terribly high amount of attention to micro in the game, moreso just monitoring it, and I'm seeing more and more how something like a Pokemon GO Plus bracelet could actually be useful for seeing more of the environment. Although most of the time when I'm walking around my phone is down by my side and I'm waiting for the vibration to know there's something nearby.

EDIT: Also an interesting note, I've only ever evolved Pokemon. I haven't "powered up" Pokemon once. So I have well over 100,000 stardust now unused. I keep wondering "eh, I mean I could power up, but then I might catch something better...". I guess I just gotta pay attention to the arch line above the Pokemon and if it's near the end of the arch on the right, maybe it's safe to say I probably won't get one too much higher and just start powering up.

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I power up my favorite Pokemon. I walk a lot, so I can always hatch a couple eggs if I need more stardust. Candy is the bottleneck for me.

I'm sure I'll wish I'd saved stardust in a few levels.

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