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I've got 5 levels uploaded now I think. My latest one is really cool.

I like turtles
Survive (my favorite)

Most of them are really short. Just playing with the different pieces until a cohesive puzzle comes together. As I get better and unlock more things I'll make longer levels :)

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Ray wrote:436D-0000-00F4-2078
I'm JUST getting around to playing this game now! Super fun. Just played this level Ray. Couldn't find your first one :/

Anyone else have any level codes for me to try for your courses?

I have some ones from a friend I could probably hook you up with.

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Man you guys are killing me with just starting to play this game. Where were ya when Mike and I were doin Super Mario Maker Mondays?! We kept that tradition going all summer I think.

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I will get some level codes from Mario Maker Mondays, hold tight but they are super hard (winky) but srsly

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First uploaded course! 468E-0000-02EC-0E6F

Oh, right, friend sent me one she made: P Is For Patience: 0452-0000-0195-66B5

I'd load it myself and see if I couldn't find/try more of her stuff, but I had to take down my Wii U in preparation to move on Saturday.

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