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Alright we've got a release date! April 22nd!

Definitely looks like the delay is being put to good use:

I'm trying to figure out if this game is gonna be all-gyro controls or not... I'm hoping for something traditional (or at least an option).

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So everything I've heard so far is generally what I expected to hear; Starfox Zero is alright but the controls are what makes it difficult. I haven't tried it yet, only going off of the initial reviews. Match picked it up day 1 and said the controls were quite difficult on the Wii U and that was by far the most frustrating part, and mentioned something along the lines of "I even knew how to beat the end boss fairly quick, but it took me many tries and a few hours just because I couldn't maneuver correctly".

This'll be a Christmas list item, if anything, for me. I'm really hoping we see some updates for this game based on what I've heard, but again, I haven't tried it yet. Have any of you picked it up or given it a try?

Here's another review I just watched this morning:

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I was planning all month to get it day one, and then I didn't. And I came home and watched the first couple parts to some playthroughs and I mean the dogfights excite me (Hellooo!) and I love the music as usual for these games and the scope but I don't know. I mean physical copy is 75 bones up here because of that crappy Project Guard noise (now 'Star Fox Guard') or, y'know, go cheaper with digital but have to delete like every other game on the Wii U.. plus SF is a franchise I like and want to actually get a physical copy of. I'm hoping for a price drop, a 'standard edition' that drops Slippy Guard or, hey, I'd actually buy it right now if there was like a patch or some kind of option to play with the classic controller but I don't see that happening because it looks like there are ultra gimmicky typical-of-Nintendo-nowadays-moments that force you to use the gamepad or you'll, y'know, die.

AC - I plan to pick up one of these in the hopes that it'll solve my Wii U storage woes: ... lash+drive

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Yeah I really don't know on this one. I think I'm gonna pass for now but keep my eye out for updates.

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