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Okay, Afro beating the final boss inspired me to as well. It was a rush! Took me four tries. The first run, I was still figuring things out, the second, I got cocky and kept getting knocked off/falling off of ledges. On the third try I made it to the very end, but just couldn't quite hold on. On the fourth try, I realized I just needed to give myself a little more space so I could keep up.
link470 wrote:Final boss already?! Was single player that quick?
Single player can be busted out in a few hours. There are 27 stages and five bosses. They're a ton of fun, though. I *was* taking my time and drawing it out, but as I said, Afro beating single player made me impatient. :P

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For you link470 I'd picture the single player like Legend Mode from HW - pretty short if you just beat the levels, but there's extra stuff to grab later. It's pretty obvious here though that the focus went into the multiplayer so if you're hunting for a solid single player experience, it's not here unfortunately. That being said, the single player is tons of fun as Warp says :)
Afrohawk52 wrote:A few good splats? Devo I swear when we were playing I felt you were my nemesis at times haha. When we were on the same team it was domination but any time you were on the other team I always ran into you and it was pretty even on splats.
I may have been looking for you... a few times...

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link470 wrote:
Afrohawk52 wrote:The final boss is absolutely fantastic.
Final boss already?! Was single player that quick?
Oh yeah, it's like a 5-6 hour campaign. Fun as hell, don't get me wrong, but it's quite short. I did the entire story in one sitting.
Drevin wrote:I may have been looking for you... a few times...
Why am I not surprised? Always fun having you in games Devo. Anytime we're on the same team we usually got it in the bag.

Ugh... I really want to make some headway on online multiplayer, but pretty much whenever I'm awake, my sister is streaming video and I lag out.

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Made it to level 10 to contribute to the ranked mode unlock!

Drevin wrote:Made it to level 10 to contribute to the ranked mode unlock!
I wanted to, but it may not be possible during hours when my sister isn't asleep.

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So they got Ranked mode now and a new harbour level and weapon. Pretty darn cool, must say.

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I gave Ranked mode a whirl last night - and it's pretty serious business. Pretty much everyone had 3-star gear and was nearly (or at) max level. I'll have to practice up a bit and get better gear before I can tango with these guys.

The new map has ended up in a lot of one-sided victories for me - either we completely dominate or get completely destroyed.

Anyone got any favorite weapons yet? I've tried a bunch but always find myself returning to the Tentatek Splattershot - love the Inkzooka and the Splattershot feels pretty well-rounded and versatile. I see a lot of love for the Aerospray NG (or is it the RG?) but I haven't unlocked it yet.

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Inkbrush tonight! Can't wait to try it

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Man, Ranked just went to town on me. I dropped two ranks in one day. What a nightmare. I was doing so well but suddenly I just got hit with wave after wave of teams that just didn't mesh right with me. My mindset probably wasn't the best after that first rank drop, it only went downhill from there.

Oh well, I'm gettin' that back soon enough!

EDIT: Lmao, Devo. Every time I run into you with the paintbrush I feel like I'm in DBZ, both throwing punches at each other rapidly and killing each other. This is pretty glorious.

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I saw some pretty sick scores from you - that Inkbrush can do some serious work!

Inkbrush fights in a nutshell

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New trailer for Japan's Splatfests coming...soonish? I don't know when ours is but I know it's close.

Hot damn I love their animation. Brilliant trailer, really shows off the game well.

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Nighttime matches are gonna be sick

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