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They ended up extending it till 5PM PST. Worked perfectly moments after 4PM!

Ah, that was great fun! I hit some depressing rough patches in the middle of the hour where I received some horrible beatdowns, but in the last few matches I played, I was coming out on top of my team - and we usually won!

It was especially amusing when two of my opponents were about to leap into a spot where their teammate had died only moments before... so I just stood there and shot them as they landed. =P

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I gave the Splattershot Jr. a good run this time, feelin' it a bit more now. People shit on the Roller but man I love it. Focus on getting ink out there and not kills and you're good to go.

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Yeah after the misfire it was really enjoyable! Ran into someone who was scary good. He was great to have on my team but man he destroyed when he was on the enemy team. I barely even saw him! Yet the rest of the team saw him clearly because he was doing major work.

That said, incredibly fun. Can't wait until Friday!

I tried all of them this time. I hated the sniper, and wasn't that fond of the roller, as I didn't feel I could defend myself well. I gave the Splattershot a try, and it seemed okay, but I went back to the Splattershot Jr. and spent the rest of my time on that.


I hope you get matched to people around your own skill level or something. I'm not looking forward to being trounced by players like these.
Oh, and some new weapons.

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Holy cow I never realized you could ink the pipes like that and travel on them...

I did. I'd have liked to experiment with inkable surfaces more, but when you're under fire and have only an hour to play... You do what you can.

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Yeah after watching videos like those, I'm learning so much about the game. There's so many interesting spots you can get to once you start exploring the area. I'm definitely gonna find myself getting on boxes and crates more often.

Spent the last four hours playing. I've actually spent a lot of time in the single-player mode. As others have said, it's got a very Super Mario Galaxy feel to it, and I agree. Multiplayer was challenging, especially since I started playing at midnight at level 1, only to come up against level 12-15 Japanese players. Hopefully things'll balance out in the near future.

Almost couldn't get myself to stop playing! "Just one more level..."

Thanks, Afro! :D

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GGs Afro, your inkzooka on the stage with the tower in the middle was devastating. I got a few good splats on ya though ;)

This game is awesomeee

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A few good splats? Devo I swear when we were playing I felt you were my nemesis at times haha. When we were on the same team it was domination but any time you were on the other team I always ran into you and it was pretty even on splats.

Enjoying the hell out of this game so far man. I've been playing non-stop, trying out weapon after weapon. It's such a great game, I can't wait for all the content coming in later patches. Single player is really good too. Very fun with a lot of interesting challenges here and there. The final boss is absolutely fantastic. I won't spoil it for anyone but you're in for some non-stop action, let me tell ya.

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Afrohawk52 wrote:The final boss is absolutely fantastic.
Final boss already?! Was single player that quick?

I've been trying to draw the single-player out so that I didn't just smash through it in one go. I'm close to the end, though. Last set of stages. I'm loving it. I've felt that the past two bosses were easier than the first two, though. Maybe I'm just better now?

Wish I could get the Amiibos to unlock those challenges.

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