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Ours is the 20th/21st.

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Kelp Town tonight at the usual time (7pm)!

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Nintendo! Staaahp that's too much content!

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The updates just keep coming!

Just imagine how many we'll be getting on E3 day!

http://the-regressor.tumblr.com/post/12 ... lings-here

First US/UK Splatfest has been rescheduled for July 4.

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New update coming to a few days earlier for balance changes:

http://www.gamnesia.com/news/a-major-ne ... Y2RaflViko

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Inkstrike: When used, the mark that shows the impact zone has been greatly changed.
Wonder what this means? Easier or harder to spot? I mean it was pretty obvious already...
Kraken: If attacked in the middle of using this, they will be repelled stronger than before.
Good. Fuck Krakens.
Ninja Squid: The speed of the squid dash has been made slower than before.
Ink Resistance: The negative effects of movement and damage that enemy ink has on you when walked on has been reduced.
Nooooo! These were my favorite abilities. On the other hand, maybe I can finally start wearing something else...

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Hell yes to the Kraken changes. I think the Inkstrike is just making it more obvious as to what you'll hit cuz it's not super obvious atm. Ninja squid being nerfed kind of makes sense, a bit bummed but it happens. I think Ink Resistance is actually a buff, at least based on the way it's worded. I dunno, we'll see.

Oh, and forgot to mention, new weapons tonight. New roller and new Dual Squelcher.

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It's been quite a bit since I last posted in this thread. I know quite a few maps have gone up as well as some new weapons. Pretty cool stuff I must say. Haven't tried out the most newest map yet (Camp Triggerfish) since I wasn't online when it went up but I love Moray Towers and Bluefin Depot. Such great maps.

Well we're getting a big update this August 6th 5th! This time it's coming with new gear, a raised level cap, a few new weapon types, and the long-awaited addition of Squad Battles and Private Battles! Squad Battles let you team up for ranked battles and private battles let you set the mode, map, and team before duking it out! Can't wait for that!

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Haven't had a go with the newest maps yet, but planning on giving them a try soon. I like that the Squad Battles support 2-4 players in the party. A gatling gun style weapon? Yes please!


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