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There's a demo coming out this weekend! It's only good for Friday and Saturday, for only a short time but hey let's try it out!

Friday 8pm to 9pm PST
Saturday 4am to 5am, noon to 1pm PST

I'm at least intrigued with all the pushing I've seen for this lately. If I don't forget/get distracted/don't have enough storage space, I'll do it.

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I'm definitely excited for it. It looks like they're trying to do the same thing they did with Mario Kart where they push content later in the game to extend the game a bit further which worked out really well. I knew they were going to support it after launch but it's nice to see that they're doing this much, especially adding in Friend Matches later on!

That said, man the game looks solid. Graphics look great, love the character design and the fashions, gameplay looks simple to pick up but has a lot of hidden utilities, and the overall presentation is just so cool. I can't wait for this game, no doubt.

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Afrohawk52 wrote:gameplay looks simple to pick up but has a lot of hidden utilities
This is exactly how I felt about Hyrule Warriors. The game ended up having a lot more depth than I thought.

It's the same thing I'm seeing with this game. I'm not immediately into it, not really knowing how much I'd get out of it. But I almost passed up Hyrule Warriors for the same reason and it ended up being fantastic and easily 100+ hours of gameplay with DLC's. So I may end up getting this after all after trying it out first.

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Dayum son! I won't have time to get to the trail hours -any of 'em - unless Crash 'n' the boys Scottamus and his show-stoppas get back in time tomorrow....... damn having a job with shite hours and a life to boot.

Nintendo should've made some Sunday opportunities but meh

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can we play together?

I should not have looked at the Miiverse. 5000 stupid posts about "It's 8PM now, why is it under maintenance still!!!!1oneeleven!"

People with no concept of time zones...

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Haha, yeah that's why I never look at the Miiverse, except to go 'oy vey'

anyway that was pretty fun, played some with Devo and Scotty, good times. Got about forty minutes of the hour, eh boys?

Not gonna be able to hop on tomorrow. D'oh.

I got distracted and didn't notice until it was already half over, so I didn't even bother to try.

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From the short time I got with it, I really enjoyed it! The roller was what we used, and it seemed pretty balanced despite everyone picking it. I'm definitely picking up the full game now!

Warp there's another demo time today at 12PM!

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It was definitely fun, but still seems like just a super polished mini game to me. I'll need to see the full features of what's included in the game and what the single player content is like before picking it up. But having tried it now, I must say it looks more promising than I originally thought.

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Check out the Direct for the full scoop on what to expect besides what's in the demo!

EDIT: Demo over! I ended up getting a chance to try the last session. What a blast. It's got that "just one more round" feel after every game. I like the focus on spraying ink rather than just getting kills.
Also turns out you could turn off gyro controls in the options during the Weapon Select. Loved having just dual sticks instead of gyros, worked perfectly.

Tried out each of the weapon types:
Charger - Couldn't get a handle on this one. I understand how it works but I guess it's just not my play style. I think I'd need to spend some time with it to get the hang of it.
Roller - My go-to. Paintin' the ink is a blast, as with rolling inklings over!
Splattershot & Jr - Seems like the standard/balanced type. I liked playing with the sub weapons more than the weapons themselves.

People already comparing the Roller to Little Mac haha. Weapon is strong but can be dealt with. I got owned by other non-rollers just as much as I was rollin' people over.

This one is gonna be a gooder.

Once I got the hang of Super Rollers hiding in their color until I got close and jumping out and squashing me, things started to go a little better.

I'm not sure how much I'd enjoy the full game. Like Link, I'll have to see what the full version offers. In the first few rounds of the demo, my team was blasting through our opponents. But as time wore on, I started getting loss after consecutive loss, and it was really starting to grind me down. I thought about quitting, but the fact that I only had an hour to play kept me going. In the end, things started to go better again.

I wish I'd swapped weapons to try them all, but I didn't notice that I had to exit to do so, and at that point at least half of the play session was over and I'd have had to learn a whole new weapon. I just kept using the Splattershot Jr. because it's what I learned in the tutorial.

Either way, I'm going to have to wait a bit. Until I manage to move, get a job, and start getting school loans underway, a $60 game is rather out of my reach - especially one that I have concerns about. If I'm going to spend all my time getting beaten up by other players, I won't want to play, and the money will have gone to waste. I'll probably watch that trailer soon.

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I enjoyed the absolute hell out of it, I know I'm going to be playing this non-stop when the game comes out. Roller was actually the one I didn't touch the whole time because I kind of forgot about it. I was using Splattershot the whole time and only briefly switched to Charger and Jr. just to try 'em out. But damn was I enjoying the Splattershot. So many kills, so little deaths. It was beautiful. And that super weapon to just throw a shit ton of grenades made quick work of groups or just made them scatter out of fear. It was glorious.

Aaauuugh I can't wait! Once all the gear and weapons are available I know I'm going to be experimenting constantly. :D

I apparently kept forgetting the control to throw grenades... or kept missing the button. I don't think I threw a single one outside of the tutorial.

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