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I thought they were pretty gimicky, but I picked up a couple Megamen for a friend and they're pretty detailed. Anyone got any? I'm temped to get Sheik and Toon Link or four, to paint them Four Swords colors, but I cleared out all my collectibles last year and am trying to keep myself from cluttering again surely they'd do no harm on the top of my bookshelf...

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I think Drevin has a couple, Drevin?

I'd like Kirby, Mega Man, and Jigglypuff. A few others would be cool, too, but...

I don't have the money or space to go nuts with collectibles, and I definitely don't want to compete for them. I don't like how you need them to unlock certain things, either.

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link470 wrote:I think Drevin has a couple, Drevin?
/me looks at his collection of 11 amiibo

Yeah... just one or two...

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I sold a Shulk on ebay for $70

The latest wave sold out before I got to the store though

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If I do get any, that's how I'll fund them.

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I still have a Peach, that's about it. I really want a Palutena, Ganondorf, and Villager but I know the latter is practically impossible and I don't know if I'll be able to get the others. I can wait though. I've seen random stocks of Sonic and Mega Man for good prices on Amazon. If those can restock, perhaps others will eventually.

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