Nintendo games coming to smartphones

For all the consoles in Nintendo's vast legacy.
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Here comes Flappy Koopa.

In all seriousness, I would play the crap out of that Pokemon puzzle game they just released for free on 3DS if it was on iOS...

I just heard about this. Assuming, though, that the games are even released internationally... I don't have a phone designed for gaming, and I'm not excited about the prospect of there potentially being Nintendo games that I want to play... on a system that I don't have. Also, I hate most games that offer only touchscreen controls. Sure, something like Pokemon Shuffle would be fine, but if there's a directional control, I want a physical directional pad or a stick or a slide pad - something that gives me physical feedback. Same with action buttons. Touchscreens are fine for selecting things and menus, but that's about it, in my opinion.

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Touchscreen buttons are awful, yes. I'd hope Nintendo has more sense than that to use those for their games.

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Warp hit the nail on the head. Touchscreen controls are Satan and my phone isn't for gaming either

ahaha Flappy Koopa, good one D!

One thing I remembered shortly after my earlier post, though... a potential glimmer of light, though I have no idea how Nintendo and DeNA intend to do things...

I remember hearing some time ago that Nintendo was working on a way to make it easier to bring smartphone games to the Wii U. If this is true... it would be really nice if Nintendo released on both or created a tool or something in order to make it easy to create for both, so that those of us without gaming phones could still play on the Wii U and possibly take advantage of the physical buttons on the gamepad.

It could be even cooler if a whole integrated ecosystem was formed, so that these games could show up on the eShop and/or enable cross-buy and/or link directly to the Miiverse. These are some really far-fetched ideas, especially when it comes to the measured pace that Nintendo moves at, but definitely speak to the unification that they claim they're leaning towards.

I wish Nintendo would read this stuff. =P

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