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Looks like Club Nintendo is outta here.
Nintendo has announced today that Club Nintendo will be discontinued in Japan, North America and Europe, with another loyalty program being introduced later this year.


For North America, the press release mentioned that a number of physical rewards will be introduced in February, and that the deadline for registering a new Club Nintendo account is March 31. The service will be discontinued more quickly here as the deadline to earn coins is in March while the deadline to spend those coins will end in June. Like last year, Gold and Platinum rewards will be digital titles selected from "a wide selection of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U titles," and will be available throughout the month of April.
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It's probably for the best, lately the rewards in NA have been utter shite. I think the best thing I got was the Majora's Mask OST and even then that's pretty weak (not to say the music sucks, but come on... a CD?).

Wait, there was a MM soundtrack reward?! Why wasn't I told?!

Also, this sucks. If it means I don't have to fill out ridiculous surveys anymore, great. I did like some of the rewards, but they *have* been getting pretty stale lately. I mostly scooped up VC titles that I was curious about but didn't want to pay for.

Welp, I guess it's time to do my entire backlog of surveys.

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I'm hoping they create a much better system in the future then. I hated the NA Club Nintendo rewards; nothing but old ass VC titles that I already owned and maybe a few actual physical items that were worth it. I did get the golden Nunchuck at some point which does go great with the golden Wiimote but other than that it really wasn't worth it.

That said, it sounds like they're going to make something new so I hope the revamp is a lot more interesting. It'd be cool to see a reward system better designed toward getting newer games, better rewards, and so on. It'd also be nicer to get some heads up on future rewards, like the whole Smash codes debacle. If I'd known Smash codes would've been up for grabs I would've tried to get Platinum way quicker.

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There's rumors of a unified account system, which would be great.

Drevin wrote:There's rumors of a unified account system, which would be great.
As in, more unified than just linking a Club Nintendo account?

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I'm thinking something closer to Steam.

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It sucks for the more hardcore fans to lose out on the swag, but they were essentially giving out and shipping stuff for free. I doubt it influenced enough people's purchasing decisions enough for them to be making money.

I enjoyed it, but I understand and appreciate that among companies willing to exploit their younger crowd of customers, they were the only company to do something like this.

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Time to cash in I guess. Should probably mean the rewards will be the cheapest ever.

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Ray wrote:Time to cash in I guess.
That's what I was wondering. Although, I haven't read the linked article yet, but do coins carry over or are converted to whatever the new rewards/loyalty program is? Has that been specified?

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The new program hasn't been specified, and I'm pretty sure the plan is to close CN before the new program rolls out. It sounds like they're gonna put in some rewards for the send-off though, so maybe hold off until they announce those?

I doubt they'll carry over, it sounds like a pretty drastic change...

Finally sat down and blew through the rest of my surveys, obtaining platinum status in the process. Looks like you can't register new games anymore though (with the *possible* exception of ones I did "plan-to-buy" surveys for, but never actually bought the games). It might just be that you can't register games released after a certain date.

Interestingly enough, I did the survey for Super Mario Galaxy 2 for the Wii and then the Wii U downloadable version right after one another.

@link470 : Nothing gets carried over.

Club Nintendo program discontinuation schedule

1/20/2015 - Products released after this date are not eligible for registration with Club Nintendo
3/31/2015 - Last day to earn Coins, register products with Club Nintendo, and sign up for new Club Nintendo membership
6/30/2015 - Last day to redeem Coins or access your account on the Club Nintendo website. Club Nintendo program shuts down at 11:59pm PT on 6/30/2015.

Your Account and Coin Balance

The information in your Club Nintendo account will not be transferred to the new loyalty program. We are adding multiple items to our reward catalog, so please be sure to redeem your Coins before the deadline on June 30, 2015. Unused Coins will be deleted as of July 1, 2015.

2015 Elite Status

In order to reach Elite Status, you must earn 300 Coins (for Gold Status) or 600 Coins (for Platinum Status) between July 1, 2014 and March 31, 2015. Members who reach Elite Status will be able to choose a downloadable game from a wide selection of Nintendo 3DS and Wii U titles. Your free Elite Status gift will be available between April 1 and April 30, 2015. A list of the Elite Status 2015 gifts will be posted here once announced.

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Guess I should gather up all the codes I have lying around.

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Aw the last two games I tried to register the site went down for maintenance and it won't let me re-enter the codes.

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They might be in your to-do list or whatever they call it.

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