Nintendo Direct 1/14/15

For all the consoles in Nintendo's vast legacy.
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Yoshi's Wooly World
Xenoblade X
Majora's Mask 3D
Codename STEAM
Xenoblade 3DS

Let's get EXCITED

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Drevin wrote: Let's get EXCITED
Way ahead of ya.... uh towel please

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Looks like it's happening boys

Shoot. I'm not going to be able to afford it at launch like I'd hoped. I'll have to wait a bit. *sigh*

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Nice! This is the announcement I've been waiting for. Finally gonna get myself a 3DS when the new ones launch.

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Day one purchase. The second it gets announced tomorrow I'm going down to Gamestop to reserve one.

Wait. "Faster processing power"? Who writes these things?

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Yeah, it has Blast Processing!

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link470 wrote:Nice! This is the announcement I've been waiting for. Finally gonna get myself a 3DS when the new ones launch.
Or will I? It's close to the announcement I was waiting for...but not quite. I was hoping to pick up a new 3DS regular when they came out, but it looks like the XL is the only one that will be available in North America. I wonder why that is, and if there's any reason besides "the XL seems to do better in North America".

Also, strange that the power adapter is separate, especially for first time buyers and/or parents who might not realize that when buying one for their child.

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I wouldn't hold out hope for a regular n3DS. If they were gonna do it, now is the time.

The power adapter thing is a striaght up bonehead move IMO. Not everyone is gonna realize it by reading some tiny text on the box, and who could count on retailers to remind the customer of anything important...

I suspect that the reason that we're not getting the new 3DS yet is for the same reason that we didn't get it before - the North American region hasn't yet met whatever target goal was set for selling original 3DS systems, but people are getting antsy for the release of the new one (especially for MH4U), so they're finally giving it to us. I bet that the 2DS will remain the cheapest, the old 3DS will price-drop to come in at a midrange bracket, and the "elite" model, the new 3DS XL, will be the high-priced one. I figure that we'll get the new 3DS once that old 3DS stock sells through. (At the same time, I'd like to see North American 3DS to 3DSXL sales figures - When I worked at [video game retailer], I seem to remember that a lot of people opted for the bigger screen for the DSi, or went for the much cheaper Lite. The regular DSi didn't really start moving until the Lites were gone.)

As for the power adapter... it's what they did in Japan. It sucks, but it adjusts whatever their profit margin is. On top of that, a lot of the people who will care about the few games that the new 3DS can play that the old 3DS cannot (to date, isn't that just the Xenoblade Chronicles remake?) are people who will be upgrading from the old 3DS/XL, and therefore already have power adapters. People with an old 3DS/XL can still play 99.95%(I made that number up, but whatever) of DS/3DS games.

And to the people trading in their systems to buy the new ones and therefore have to trade their power adapters too - they're just SOL. Used game and hardware sales don't necessarily help Nintendo.

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$75 trade in credit for my 2ds at gamestop isn't a bad deal. Got mine for 100 a year ago. But $200 for a 3ds with the word "new" in front? Pass

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bu bu bu the c stick!

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$75 for a 2DS is a really good deal. They go on sale for $79 from time to time.

I'm with Ray. I can't think of a single piece if software that I used in my DSi that a DS couldn't run.

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