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Well this is a pain in the butt.


I know I'm frustrated with the fragmented nature of digital acquisitions. I have some games that can only be played on one system, some that can only be played on another. I have some of the Megaman games on the 3DS, some on the Wii U. I have some of the Zeldas on the Wii U, I have some on the Wii mode of the Wii U. I have some GBA games on the 3DS, and some on the Wii U. I am desperately hoping that Nintendo will get this figured out and let me play all of my games together. Cross-buy and Cross-play would be extremely welcome features. I've been able to do that with Sony for years. The investor's meeting a few months back gives me some hope... don't let me down, Nintendo.

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Well, good news and bad. Good that I was able to get the games off my broken Wii onto the Wii U... bad that I wasn't able to get the one game off my working Wii onto it. Opened a support ticket w/ Nintendo and maybe they'll be able to solve it.

I just learned today that there are two separate VCs. Wii U and Wii. Ridiculous!! I knew there was a fee I could pay to transfer my games from the old VC to the native OS, and I was ready to pay (also ridiculous) like 15 bucks to do that... but nope! Only a select few games are available on the new VC!

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I'm sure there is a very good reason that they haven't released all of the Wii VC games on Wii U (or at least the NES/SNES ones as a start)... but it's hard to believe at this point. Come on, Nintendo.

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Yeah it's pretty fucked. I could understand if for the first year of the Wii U they didn't have their shit together but... get cho shit together Nintendo! I always think to myself like 'aha got some extra dough I should get [dat game] on the Wii U VC' and I log on search for it...... D'OH it's not on here!... go to wikipedia DAMMIT it's still only on Wii or dammit it's on the 3DS VC but not the console doe.

And yeah it would be nice to have all the Zeldas in the same place or all the F-Zeros etc etc

I suspect that they totally rebuild and heavily test every VC game they build... and therefore it would be a pain to do it all again. Also, it seemed that all those VC games were being re-registered with the ESRB... I wonder how much of a pain that is.

How does Sony do their cross-platform releases? I know that to some extent they just do emulation, like for PS1 games. How does Sony handle the ESRB?

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I'm not sure about the releasing periods but it seems like it's been way slower on the Wii U. I can't remember the last time they put something up that I really wanted. N64 games are especially rare. I'd love to see them bring back a few older games or even start on Gamecube emulation though I doubt they'd want to considering the technology required for that.

Still, I'm hoping they do something big with VC soon. It seems like such a missed opportunity to not capitalize on a lot of re-releases that fans would love.

There *are* no N64 games on the Wii U VC, to my knowledge.

As for GameCube emulation, that's in a rather sticky place, I'd think. The Wii mode is already most of the way there for that kind of thing, but has the security holes of the Wii. GameCube controllers had analog triggers - the Wii U does not. I'm sure that they could dump resources into bringing over all the classics, but I wouldn't be surprised if at this point they're just so desperate to bring people over to the Wii U, period, that they're dumping most of their resources into new Wii U stuff rather than VC rereleases.

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