Nintendo officially gives permission for derivative works

For all the consoles in Nintendo's vast legacy.
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This seems pretty huge. I don't know if this applies to just Japan right now, but here's the gist:
... president Satoru Iwata appeared in a video. He stated that the company now officially gives its permission for anyone to use their properties for derivative works – Let’s Plays, music covers, fan art, and more were specifically showcased.

Additionally, Iwata announced a “Creative Endorsement Program”. This will allow Nintendo to provide revenue to creators who produce well-received work. At the moment, this program is only available on Niconico, as it is a subsidiary of Dwango.

I remember a few months ago Nintendo went on a flagging rampage on YouTube, so hopefully this means no more of that. I wonder if it also applies to fan games (like Mother 4) too?

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People are getting excited over this and coming and missing the fact that it's just for one Japanese service. Yes, it's a step in the right direction, but Nintendo is pretty unpredictable when it comes to anything but their games.

edit: lol. The coming part was unintentional and was left in after I decided to restructure the sentence.

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Monkey wrote:edit: lol. The coming part was unintentional and was left in after I decided to restructure the sentence.
Not gonna lie, for a second I thought about that and was wondering why it was there, and then a part of me went " that works, I mean a bit of a stretch" and continued reading the sentence.

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My understanding was that people interested in doing LPs (without any revenue) and such are free to do so without their "Creative Endorsement Program" -- the program (which is available only on Niconico, as Monkey said) will allow creators to receive revenue from Nintendo.

Regardless of the program, it's pretty forward-thinking for Nintendo to have this stance on this like LPs and fan videos, usually companies are apprehensive toward this kind of thing, although admittedly it's been improving recently.

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Yeah it's unsure if it will apply to the rest of the world yet but if it does this'll be huge for the Let's Play & Modding Communities. It'd be nice to know that more people can upload shit from Nintendo so they're not afraid to get it taken down if it makes money.

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