Bayonetta 2

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Yeah okay Dodge Offset makes a big difference. Even just extending your combos by holding the punch/kick button down adds a ton of damage and Magic gauge. Wicked weaves are the key it seems, gotta get those combos with them in it! PKP and PPKKK were my go-to combos and seemed to do well.

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Glad to hear you're picking it up so quickly! It took me a little while to get it myself. Can't wait to hear how you're doing later :)

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Finished Bayo 1! I couldn't find a final stats screen but I'm pretty sure I used PKP a ton :D

I ended up rocking Scarborough Fair throughout the rest of the game after I started to figure out Dodge Offset. I probably should have branched out a bit and tried the other weapons more frequently. I think I'm missing a whip weapon... must have missed a golden LP somewhere. Still got a lot of Stone awards (I blame my continues), but I really got into it after learning how the combo system works. Some of my favourite fights were the Jeanne battles... lots of complex attack patterns but when you finally pull off the Witch Time... so satisfying!

As I mentioned before... love love love the world and the characters... and the music!! I know Platinum has a track record for this kind of thing, but it still blows me away every time.

One minor gripe I had was that some of the QTEs seemed to indicate you needed to press the button with a certain timing (like a blue circle shrinking), but really you just needed to press it as soon as the button prompt appears. Had me confused for a while.

I'm excited to see where Bayo 2 takes things! Starting it shortly.

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Here's my play history for Bayo 2! I finished 2 a week or two ago.


I've got a lot to say on this series... soon!

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