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Knuckles has been working out, Sonic dyed his arms, bandages everywhere, etc.

Now that those jokes are out the way, thoughts? Sega's said that this is solely based on the TV series they're also creating so I doubt the redesigns will be permanent. But from how they look so far, other than the unnecessary bandages on Sonic and Tails I like 'em. Tails looks way better, Amy's new outfit is significantly cooler than her 60's dress, and Buff Knuckles is gonna be a BAMF. Sonic's alright.

That said, the game looks pretty fun. From what I hear it'll be two-player co-op, rumored to be online as well. How exactly the game plays I haven't heard much on but we'll see. I'm just happy they're finally putting more than Sonic in the playable character seat. As much as I love the Blue Blur, Sonic only games have been getting stale.

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A couple shots looked like it had a non-linear zone. Made me think of Banjo-Kazooie / Mario 64. I don't see much importance in the character makeovers, but the gameplay looks promising.

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It's an improvement over the radical design they've been mostly using lately. I kind of get a Sonic Advance vibe from the art.

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summary stolen from neogaf
Nirolak wrote:-Big Red Button (Wii U) and Sanzaru (3DS) are making the game. The two SKUs are different games in the same universe.
-Sonic Boom Wii U is what the info below pertains to.
-The game runs on CryEngine.
-Big Red Button is lead by Bob Rafei, a Naughty Dog veteran of the Jak & Daxter series and Uncharted 1. A lot of the team members also worked on Jak & Daxter and Ratchet & Clank.
-The Sonic Boom series as a whole is being run out of Sega of America as a fully Westernized version of the franchise, whereas Sonic Team in Japan is managing the Japanese based series. The concept actually started with the TV show (made in France) and then they decided to make games with Western devs to support that.
-While speed is an element in the game, it's not the main focus for the Sonic Boom series.
-Combat and "strong narrative" are major aspects of the game.
-While not an open world, the levels are notably more open to allow for more exploration based gameplay. They describe it as "a series of classic sandbox levels branching out into more levels in a spoke-like system".
-There is a "critical path" and also a lot of side content that you can do if you want to, similar to other open world/sandbox type games.
-The game director notes that his experience on Uncharted was part of their influence in making the game in a more action/adventure direction, and that the team is making a game they would want to play. However, they want to make sure it still feels like a Sonic game instead of just Jak or Ratchet with a Sonic skin.
-Each character has different special abilities which tie into both combat and exploration.
-They made Amy Rose a much bigger character in the game because they wanted there to be more strong female characters and also for the game to appeal to girls more. They also note "If she was to break out and have a game of her own you'd probably get an idea of what that would look like based on this game."
-Their goal is that each of the four characters feel unique gameplay wise and like main characters instead of just Sonic and a bunch of supporting cast.
-The game has 2 to 4 player co-op. I'm having issues finding it right now, but I believe I saw another preview that said the game features 2 player co-op for the whole campaign and some modes that support 4 player, but I could be wrong.
-The new main enemy is "darker and more foreboding than Eggman is."
-Sonic Team will still make games focused on speed that aren't part of the Sonic Boom series. These are being developed in parallel, so (Nirolak's conjecture) expecting annualization is not unreasonable.

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Sounds more like a game with Sonic rather than a Sonic game

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Drevin wrote:Sounds more like a game with Sonic rather than a Sonic game
Which in all honesty I don't know whether I think that's better or not. Sonic games recently tend to be really unfocused and can't seem to get a good feeling of a game that's full on speed without making it too linear or "Boost to win". Then again, this could be even more unfocused because they don't know what they want to do with Sonic specifically. We'll see.

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The show looks pretty cringe-worthy to be honest, but then again every TV series/movie with sonic is except the OVA, which was pretty awesome. As for the game (that's what matters in the end to this guy), I'm stoked! Which is bad because I got stoked for Lost World, but the gameplay looks like a nice mix of Jak and Daxter (which makes sense given the dev team), Ratchet and Clank (love those games) and Sonic Heroes based on the team aspect/running gameplay. I was reading one of the developers say they were most influenced by SA1 in how the world opens up and that, which is amazing. Also I don't find the redesigns that drastic, save for Knuckles. And Lunk Knuckles makes sense regardless as he's always been pushed as the strongest character/ the muscle as it were - now his look reflects that, though if people don't like it... he'll fuckin' kill ya - jk, if people don't like it, this is just a spin-off anyway.

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i guess they thought the character with giant spiked fists named knuckles wasn't different enough from tails. the audience might not know which one was the heavy class


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har har

This is actually the first time I've seen any pics, although I did see a parody about the new Sonic a few days ago. From what I've read here, I'm at least intrigued.

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sega justifies sonic boom

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Man it looks cooler and cooler the more I see it. Can't wait until we get more of a view on how the characters interact.

TV show sounds pretty cheesy too but good cheesy humor can be pretty funny at times, especially for kids. Knuckles' and Eggman's VAs are having so much fun, I love it. :lol

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yeah, one thing i've liked about sonic is that the writing can actually be pretty funny at times. surprisingly self-aware

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