Mario Kart 8

For all the consoles in Nintendo's vast legacy.
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Oh yeah I haven't done that yet, I need to. I still haven't figured out what I want either. Kind of want to go with NSMBU or Wii Party.

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I'm gonna get NSMBU, as I need to play it in full so there's grounds for my criticizing how bland it is compared to other Mario games. Sure is purrrdy though. Though I haven't downloaded it as of yet because I'm waiting on a stable/faster internet connection (I moved, for those not in the know.

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There's an update coming for MK8... and Nintendo listened!
- Default menu selection following GP race is changing to next race (instead of view highlight)
... oh and something about map display on TV, free DLC, blah blah... but who cares they changed the menu ordering!

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That's awesome, I remember how annoying that was for you and AC when I was over watching you guys play when you first got it. Seemed surprising to me at the time too that it wasn't a default option to just go to next race. Glad they're doing that!

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I'm just happy to see more online stability. I really hope I don't get as many connection errors now. The new feature for having the map on the screen is nice too.

I need a patch too - one that increases my desire to play the games I want to play enough so that I actually do it. MK8 and Pokemon are two of 'em.

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I need a patch that let's me play games for free and freezes time while I play. I'd settle for a Total Recall patch that just uploads memories of paying to my brain.

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Some Zelda DLC, err, AOC is coming out. ... 91121.html

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Hype levels through the roof. New characters and vehicles are cool but new tracks? Definitely hyped for that. For the first time we'll finally be grabbing some new content in Mario Kart. That's so sick man.

I only wish they weren't so far apart! I want that second DLC way earlier than May of next year jeez. I hope there are some updates in between that to remind us to pick MK8 back up and continue playing.

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A Triforce cup? Now that's interesting! I wonder if we'll be racing through Hyrule Field?!

Despite not really being in the Mario universe (and that he's driving a Kart), Link looks like he fits right in...

Honestly for $12 that's great value (6 chars, 8 vehicles and 16 tracks).

More interestingly I feel like this totally suggests that Smash will have DLC...

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Yoshi Circuit from GCN is comin' in! I guess that's the first time a track has been remade twice (correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure this appeared on MKDS)!

Shows off Tanooki Mario and Cat Peach. No Link, though.

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Drevin wrote:I guess that's the first time a track has been remade twice (correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure this appeared on MKDS)!
If you don't count that they remade all the SNES MK tracks in Super Circuit GBA and again in future iterations. Don't blame ya if ya forgot or just don't count that one.

Track looks gorge btw. I'd love for Jungle Parkway to be the next re-remake...

... or any MK64 track, there I said it but specifically Jungle Parkway. 8)

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DLC Trailer

DANG that's a lot of good content. Link looks awesome! SNES Rainbow Road?! Yes please! November 13th!

Good to know the date. I have both packs preordered. I've been playing a lot of MK7 and MK8 in the past few days (finally unlocked all the stages in both).

Not looking forward to SNES Rainbow Road - I've had enough trouble on that course in MK7.

I really want to play the Excitebike track. That's what convinced me to preorder.

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Some gameplay of the new tracks

I really like how the F-Zero and Zelda tracks play out -- they've each got their own gimmick from their respective universes. The Mute City theme in the MK8 style is really awesome too!

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