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So happy for the return of the SNES Rainbow Road, that level is hilarious.

Really looking forward to this weekend! Haven't played Mario Kart in a while so it'll be nice to just get back into it after a long dry spell. It'll hold me over until Smash Wii U takes over my life.

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yeah I feel you.

Can't wait 'til Friday.

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SNES Rainbow Road still the best? Hm yeah I think so.

AC Dasher wrote:yeah I feel you.

Can't wait 'til Friday.
I was under the impression that it was coming out on the 13th... which would place it on Thursday. Maybe I'm wrong?

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Oh yeah it does but I probably won't really be playing until Friday to get work done before the weekend.

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I actually thought the 13th was Friday too -- weird they're releasing it on a Thursday. Like Afro, I probably won't get to it until Friday anyway.

The eShop's content updates on Thursdays, I believe. Being DLC, it would make sense for it to release with the eShop update.

Since I have it preordered, I believe it'll download on its own when it becomes available.

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Ah, I see. Yeah guess I just assumed! Thanks Warp

But, yeah, like Afro, I won't be able to play it until Friday regardless so I'll just... pretend.... :?

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AC Dasher wrote:so I'll just... pretend.... :?

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Check and mate!


When I woke up my Wii U today, I saw that there was a Mario Kart 8 update. I started up the game, the already-downloaded update installed, and I entered the game to see that I was at Version 3.0 and that a new Amiibo menu item appeared (taking button control away from going to the Miiverse create-a-post screen and assigning it to the Amiibo registry.) At this point, the game informed me that a download was available and asked if I'd like to download it now.

I'm rather disappointed. I figured that it would automatically download on its own - that the initial download that I got when I preordered was a stub that would receive an update come today. Instead, I either have to sit and wait for the 16 minutes or so, or set it up as a background download and restart the game on my own when it finishes.

C'mon Nintendo. You're getting closer and closer, but your online management just isn't quite there yet.

Initial impressions: Awesome! At a dollar per track (plus added characters and vehicles), this pack was worth it! I was extremely impressed with the three theme tracks (Hyrule, Mute City, and Excitebike). I'm happier with the Egg Cup than the Triforce Cup, as with Yoshi Circuit, Excitebike Arena, and Mute City, I just felt it was more fun.

Egg Circuit

Yoshi Circuit (GCN): It was a blast to drift through this course! I was taking corners a little fast, but it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Excitebike Arena: I love the music! I really should have played with a motorcycle on this track to get the improved handling in order to better avoid the mud puddles and to collect the coins. I spent a good chunk of time off the sides of the course due to trying to make those turns in a kart. The jumps are fun and hide some of what comes ahead.

Dragon Driftway: Pretty, but also bland. Old China-themed, with a long, serpentine track of breaking stone and grass.

Mute City: It's fantastic in its approximating the feel of F-Zero through its usage of plenty of speed panels, and I loved how driving over the recharge panels on the sides of the track gives you coins, much like the energy recharge of the series.

Triforce Cup

Wario's Gold Mine (Wii): This course is a little interesting, due to some of the side paths available to you... but the music grated on my nerves.

Rainbow Road (SNES): It was very pretty, with the Thwomps glowing like they did in the original (iirc) but not MK7. I've played this track too many times on Mario Kart 7. I struggled a bit because of the slightly different mechanics in MK8 from MK7, and the fact that I'm used to a faster kart with narrower paths and different handling there.

Ice Ice Outpost: Kind of a bland track. Much of it you spend with two options of where to be, and you can hop back and forth between them at points. There are some side ramps to hop off of at points, but I never made it onto them on my initial runthrough.

Hyrule Circuit: This track was a thing of beauty. The music (especially entertaining when I got hit by a lightning bolt) was beautiful, the change of the item pickup sound in MK8 to approximate Zelda's... the rupees and rupee collection sound, the mini-puzzle to leap through the Master sword... the reskinning of Piranha Plants as Deku Babas... it all made for a wonderful tribute. The track path itself was a tad bland, but the aura made up for it.

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Man, it'll take some getting used to for the Master Cycle. Those drifts are not what I normally use. Still love the look of it, though. Finally unlocked the Yoshi Bike (lol AC, finally!).

I'll echo pretty much what Warp has said. Dragon Driftway though is freaking great, one of my new loves, so I gotta disagree with ya there.

What's the trick to leap through the Master Sword?

What a DLC pack. Awesome stuff so far!

Drevin wrote:What's the trick to leap through the Master Sword?
You know how in Antigrav Zones on various tracks there are posts or wheels that you can slide into for a little speed boost, or that you can do that with other racers? Well, in Hyrule, there are three of those right before you get to the sword chamber, made to look like the diamond switches from the Zelda games. Boost off all three in order and you should, if I recall, hear the little "puzzle solved" jingle, and a ramp will appear in front of the sword.

Dragon Drifting isn't a bad track by any means - and it's far from my least favorite in the pack or the game as a whole. It's very pretty, but I didn't find the path especially compelling.

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Something I always thought I was just imagining but they really added -- different themes for when you're in 1st! An example:

SNES Rainbow Road

SNES Rainbow Road (when in 1st)

There's a bit more percussion and feels way more energetic. I think all of the tracks have this. Very cool!

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