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I swear I posted this the other day...

New Trailer was just posted a few days ago.

Thoughts? I think this looks like one of the most exciting Mario games in a long time. Music sounds great, diverse and fun, new powerups / items and diverse characters look like they'll definitely shake up the gameplay, and 4 player Mario in 3D has always interested me since Mario 64. I'm definitely hyped for this game.

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looks pretty fun

Does look fun. I don't know if I should be buying any more games right now, though...

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Challenge levels, speed running missions, and playable Rosalina? Officially maximum hyped for this game. Next week cannot come soon enough!

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I'm surprised Nintendo knows what a "speed run" is given how out of touch they are.

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Looks fun but I'm saving it for later... got plenty of other shit to play

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Gonna Super Luigi U this one?

I keed, I ain't even got a Wii U yet. Hopefully after the wallet-swallowing holiday season. I really doubted this game until a month or two ago with the (I think) Nintendo Direct new trailer. This one just whets the appetite.

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That Super Mario Kart inspired level got the nostalgia flowing however

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#1 in that video can fuck the hell off, but everything else looks peachy keen! 8)

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AC Dasher wrote:#1 in that video can fuck the hell off, but everything else looks peachy keen! 8)
I really hope they're just a small minority of levels with those things. I don't mind touch controls but if they're actually required to get through the level they could be a bit of a pace breaker (though getting someone to carry you while you touched the screen would be pretty neat).

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Anybody scoop this up yet?

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Just copying my initial impression from somewhere else.
Mario 3D World is one of the best Mario games I've ever played. Like Galaxy 2 it's just filled with idea after idea. I had a chance to play 3D Land before I played this and the controls are MUCH tighter. Mario doesn't feel nearly as floaty and doesn't lose as much momentum as he did in 3D Land, making precision platforming a lot easier. Each of the characters really feels different too. I almost always switch in between Peach and Toad just because of the floating and speed boost. I can't tell you how many times Peach's floating has saved my life and Toad's speed actually made me go TOO fast haha. Most of the moves from 3D Land return like the charged crouch jump, long jump, roll, rolling long jump, and side jump. There's also a new move where you spin around for a second and then do a spin jump that does a high jump that makes you floaty as well. Great for getting up higher than normal ledges or trying to get the top of that flagpole haha.

The new power-ups and weapons are pretty sweet. The cat suit is probably the most useful suit in the game. Being able to climb walls is so much fun, even when there's nothing to actually find. Using your claws to attack on the ground is so useful. And being able to jump off a cliff but climb back up has saved me numerous amounts of times. Other items that return from 3D Land actually aren't all that prevalent. I've yet to really see the Propeller Box (which, in all honesty, would be horrible in multiplayer) and while I see the Tanooki suit on occasions, it's mostly Cat Suits and Fire Flowers. Haven't seen the Boomerang suit yet. The Double Cherry is so much fun to use in levels, I hope to see more of it in future levels.

It's definitely a love letter to all Mario fans. Every level is littered with reference after reference. Captain Toad levels as a reference to Galaxy, little sprites of Mario and Luigi that appear in random locations (as in this picture, try and find the Luigi!), Mystery House levels that are much more challenging as a reference to Super Mario 3D Land, musical references to EVERYTHING, and so on and so on.

Speaking of the music, oh man. Probably some of the best of music I've heard from a Mario game. From the Jazzy grass levels to the violin-filled levels to the fantastic water levels to the unique boss music, it's just too much to talk about! I can't wait to get this soundtrack the second it goes out. I neeeed iiiiiit!

This is definitely a game I can't wait to play multiplayer with. It's just so smooth! I highly recommend it!
Now that that's out of the way, yes, I picked it up. It's pretty awesome to say the least. As of that post I hadn't played multiplayer but the multiplayer is a whole nother experience. Whether you're trying to do it cooperatively or just messing with your friends, it's so much fun. Definitely a step up for New Super Mario Bros. U. No offense to that game, I liked it, but it doesn't hold a candle to this one.

I've already beaten it so feel free to ask me anything else.

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