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Those Falcon matches were awesome. I'm so casual now that I hate maining.

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Haha same. I'm definitely going to be hopping back and forth between characters this go around. Maybe I'll git gud with one or two but the random button will be my most selected character.

And yeah Monkey I can definitely see it backfiring. I'm hoping they're going to market it so well that the Wii U version will just be irresistible (HD graphics, interesting modes that set it apart from the 3DS, really good stages, etc.) but we'll see when the time comes.

I wonder if Sakurai will ever do DLC.

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Back when Brawl was out, I definitely had a 'main' (Snake). Learning specific techniques and combos... Nowadays I just play whatever, although I still have my favorites.

I wouldn't completely rule out DLCs, but it seems incredibly unlikely. They've got two versions to worry about, and I think either Sakurai or someone high up in Nintendo said they don't want to do any DLC for Smash. Of course, those are just words... who knows!

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I've got my favorites too, but there's an unwritten rule in my circle that you don't pick the same character twice (unless you go through everyone).

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I don't care what characters people play -- they can play the same one all they want -- but we have a similar rule for stages. An old friend of mine would repeatedly choose Hyrule Temple every time we were at his house (back in the Melee days)... the stage is essentially ruined for me now as a result. We usually rotate the who gets to pick, but the unwritten rule is no repeat stages (until we've exhausted our selection).

We don't usually play FD, so it's not a problem. So cas' here.

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my friends and i play that if you totally dominate as a char, then it is considered polite to allow someone else to choose your char for you next round (they may request rematch of course)

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Nintendo just confirmed they're returning to E3 and they're bringing Smash with 'em. They'll be hosting a Smash Bros. tournament to show off the game and allowing players to play the game at their local Best Buys, just like all of the games they had last year (which, now that I think about it, all of those games will be out just before E3 with MK8 being the last one).

Excellent, another day of standing in line for a single play. As sarcastic as that sounds, I did it last year and had tons of fun so I'm definitely looking forward to doing it again. I think the hardest thing will be choosing who I play if they provide all of the characters we've seen so far!


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oh great Best Buy, the only store in Victoria and they closed it

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you're going to e3?? did you buy a ticket or get one free?

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I was referring to waiting in line at Best Buy, not E3. Sorry if that wasn't clear. I did go to that though and played Super Mario 3D World and got to watch my friends play Wind Waker and Mario Kart. It was pretty enjoyable, definitely doing it again.

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oh. that sounds fun too

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Bought a GC > Classic Controller in anticipation and for Brawl. There's not enough buttons for Zl, but I think it's unlikely that smash will change drastically enough to use every button, especially since it's being released on 3DS. I was planning on just playing Smash and GC games with it, but after trying it on the Monster Hunter demo, it may turn out to be my primary controller for games that don't use Zl.

If anyone's considering it, it works well, but I've got few minor complaints:

- is mapped to start and + is mapped to double tapping start. Most games use + as start, so it could be annoying, but I guess it would be more annoying if you were trying to play a Wii game that uses -.

The triggers aren't inputted as analog. I'm not planning on playing any racing games, but it's registered as a push about halfway into the analog push, as opposed to pusing the actual button after pushing it all the way in.

The GC controller will unplug very easily, but in addition to the cord on the controller, the adaptor has about four feet of cord, so there's plenty of slack.

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How's the input lag? I've heard that they can have a significant amount...

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That's a good question. I'm pretty bad at noticing input lag, I just adjust, even if it gives my opponent an advantage. I didn't even bother finding that there was a "game mode" on the TV that my brother and I bought until a couple years after moving out. I'll have to check side by side with a GC controller on my Wii.

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Supposedly NFC has been confirmed for Smash4... ... -wii-u.php
Chrome Translation wrote:Wii U had suffered the past a lack of games a year, with widely spaced outlets. The beginning of the year 2014 was also quiet, what will happen after the release of Mario Kart 8? Many games release will be formalized at the show at E3, but you already know that we out action game Bayonnetta 2. By the end of the year, there will also be the new Skylanders, the new Disney Infinity, Sonic Boom, Watch Dogs or Zelda Hyrule Warriors. And on the output side of games produced by Nintendo, there will obviously be the fighting game Super Smash Bros.. E3 is also an opportunity to show the use of NFC technology [used in Skylanders and Disney Infinity, allowing the use of real objects - here, figurines - in video games] in Nintendo consoles . The NFC will be used in the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros.
If this is true...


edit: I doubt Nintendo would lock content behind plastic dolls but who knows...

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