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J-just reveal Snake, Sakurai... you can d-do it...

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so good!!

custom move sets wtf

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none of that shit online!

Greninja holy shit
Trainerless Charizard wutt

Where is my Snake


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Well I don't think Captain Falcon has been announced either so I wouldn't quite worry... yet?

Greninja is awesome, wish I didn't pick the firefox after seeing him.

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Captain Falcon will give his glorious return at E3. Mark my words.

That said, dayum I can't wait. City Trial on the 3DS looks fucking awesome. I wonder if they'll do anything similar or better for the Wii U. Really curious to hear what exactly caused them to push it back so far but knowing them it's good that they're doing it.

But man, customizable movesets? New updated movesets for a lot of characters making them better? Those awesome stages? 60 FPS for both games? All those awesome items and pokemon and assist trophies? Goodness gracious, this is just amazing. I can't wait.

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Summer release for 3DS, Winter for Wii U.

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Afrohawk52 wrote:60 FPS for both games?

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assist trophies still 30fps

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Calling it now: Snake will not appear

instead, we get Big Boss

Metal Gear Solid 3D anyone?

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Still makes little to no sense that the 3DS version is released before the Wii U one, especially so far ahead. Shouldn't the Wii U come first to sell more Wii Us? Ideally I would have liked to have them simultaneously.

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It seems like they were pushing it back because they wanted to fit in some more content or fix some bugs. I'm very curious on the reasoning as well but if it somehow manages to get most people getting both I won't complain. Still, I'm happy we'll be getting at least one of them this summer. Can't wait for E3 for more information.

inb4 people compare the sales of the first week of both versions and make baseless conjectures off of it.

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I'll eat my hat if people make baseless conjecture based on sales data.

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After reading up on a few things it actually makes some sense to release the 3DS version first. It hooks everyone into the game with the "lesser" version (lesser used very loosely) and allows them time to really enjoy it. Then when the Wii U version comes out, instead of having to choose between the two games, they can just buy the 2nd one because they've had plenty of time to get the money for it. By then Nintendo will have released some more information talking about the difference in versions that with enough hype could very easily cause a lot of people to jump the bandwagon and get it for the Wii U as well, especially if there is some interconnectivity. And since it'll be around Winter, with luck it'll be released during Christmas to generate a massive load of sales.

It's not the most sound theory but I could see it being pulled off. I just hope they're not shooting themselves in the foot by doing so.

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I could backfire. Some people might get bored of it before the Wii U version releases. The whole "it's not exactly like melee" crowd might write it off without it selling any Wii Us to them.

There will certainly be people who buy it for both, but having it available as a handheld game could weaken its power as a system seller.

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Just in case anyone wants to relive some old memories in Brawl (in glorious 240p)...

Some of my favorites

i'll fuck your dumb!

the meteor smash pays off

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