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Cloud is pretty darn fun. He was initially bulkier than I expected but with his big Buster Sword it makes sense. Kinda like a hybrid of Link and Ike? His Limit Breaks are really cool.

Can't wait for Bayonetta, of course! That blew me away in the presentation... I had no idea she was so popular. Well deserved though!

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Cloud is yet another favourite of mine, I'm so happy with the roster for this iteration. And I'm so happy. :D

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Oh my gosh that's amazing hahaha. Devo's reaction, so great.

I'm ultra hyped for Bayonetta. I wasn't expecting her AT ALL. I'm really happy, she's one of those characters I've always wanted to have more positive exposure so I'm hoping Smash helps that out. :D Plus she looks like a combo goddess, holy shit. I am definitely going to be playing her a lot.

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Cloud is cool. I was afraid the charging would be OP but it's totally good. Really interesting character!

I'm actually more excited for Corrin than Bayoneta. Some of those moves look really interesting, like pinning a player. Bayo's combo's scare me

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