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Cartoony looking villains aside, this looks fun as hell.

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sonic meets mario galaxy?

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Perhaps, or you could call it a resdesigning of a scrapped concept.

Afrohawk52 wrote:Cartoony looking villains aside, this looks fun as hell.
Drevin wrote:sonic meets mario galaxy?
Is this one of the joint Nintendo-Sega projects?
Afrohawk52 wrote:Perhaps, or you could call it a resdesigning of a scrapped concept.
OH GOSH YES YES YES YES YES I wish I could play that on one of my Saturns....

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Non-cartoony characters look out of place in Sonic games.

We very well know that Sega can make good looking trailers, I wouldn't expect anything more than an average modern Sonic game (which admittedly have been generally improving since Sonic Heroes.)

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YES! I can't wait for this one. Looks to be Sonic's best since Colors, which was an absolute delight to look at and listen to let alone play. Top 5 on the Wii for sure.

I was sort of lukewarm on the bad guys, but I think they'll be alright. I love all things parkour, so I'm happy to see parkour incorporated since we may never see a Mirror's Edge 2 on a system I own/want (but it might, too). And yeah most props to Afro for pointing out Xtreme, I instantly thought of that when I saw the whole planetoid thing not far into the trailer; Sonic could've beaten Mario Galaxy and to, earlier, to a lesser extent, Ratchet and Clank Going Commando Clank levels to the punch with whole planetoid thing. I remember watching a video that had like five Sonic games that were in development and got cancelled and that was one of them in the vid and the footage just made me go 'bleh' made me sick, but then I started diggin up other videos on YouTube of Xtreme and that game had potential. Wish it would've come out, would've been sweet to play on my saturn.

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This looks really good. Imagine how much of a powerhouse Sonic would be if this game had come out instead of Sonic Heroes when the franchise tanked

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Wow I was way off base with my Mirror's Edge 2 comment, Ray's right on point with the Heroes comment though. Even if I have a guilty pleasure thing with that game, but it can be pretty poor in spots.

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Changed my mind. I don't think this looks very good after all. The jumping seems really weird and bad. When the game is running and jumping, that's half the battle.

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