EarthBound on Virtual Console

For all the consoles in Nintendo's vast legacy.
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i'll buy everyone here a copy if they want it (if you have a wii u)

i'm serious

no homers

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I need a Wii U by then!

Not sure how I'm going to afford a Wii U...

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Me neither, or I'd have one by now for the thirty cent game promotion.

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I will definitely be buying my own version of this. Finally! I was so happy to hear that Nintendo not only read the Miiverse but acted on it! This is just glorious.

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I am so excited! I have never played Earthbound all the way through myself. (I've watched other people though)

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system seller for wii u is 20 years old

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Ray wrote:system seller for wii u is 20 years old
lol, prrretty sad I reckon you're right.

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can you buy gifts on the eShop? I'm sure you can...

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