Pokemon Black/White Version 2

For all the consoles in Nintendo's vast legacy.
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Ray wrote:Image
I... I didn't mean it... :'(


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Beat the electric gym with 2 pokemon incl. leech seed. Used ford as a distraction.

Route 6: Cleveland the Foongus

Stupid Deerlings killing my pokemon. My solosis never learned a psychic move becuase I let an NPC train it a level without realizing I'd be missing out on a new attack...


Chargestone Cave: Polk the Joltik
Driftveil Drawbridge: Truman the Ducklett


I FINALLY GOT A WATER TYPE. And it's killed by the ground-type gym leader.

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Just beat Champion Iris with a single Pokémon. Chandelure FTW! 8)

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I think my pokemon burnout if finally over. I'm going to play Black again once I find my DS>USB dongle and back up my pokemans. After that I'll get Black or White 2.

I'm tempted to get back into whatever online battle simulator happens to be this year's favorite, but I don't think I want to deal with the internet's biggest babies. I'll battle anyone who's interested lol with my annoying gen IV team.

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don't waste your pokethusiasm on bw2, you'll burn out before xy

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Abraham the Serperior, 54
Warren the Gigalith, 58
Obama the Golduck, 58
Monroe the Magnezone, 56
Van Buren the Pinsir, 55
Pierce the Unfezant, 53

Now I can play X without any lingering feelings of despair.

Oh, gosh, I don't even OWN White 2. Haven't beaten any of the DS Pokemon games.

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I skipped it because I didn't really like any of the non-remake DS games. Never did the post elite four content on Black, either.

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