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AC Dasher wrote:
link470 wrote:
AC Dasher wrote:I like when Link says something awkward or non-complimentary to Zelda and she's all like "You big nerd!!" or what have you.
You know what's sad? It took me two reads through that sentence to realize you weren't talking about me...
Well that does happen when you talk to Zelda, too.

I also have been amused by some of Link's potential responses to characters. And I love how there are more consequences to your actions - or at least the game makes you feel like there are.

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I want to aim with the pointer. Stupid gyros always end up being off-center after a while, and it's no fun when it's against a boss monster.

Just done with the 5th dungeon. So far so good, even if it is a bit more of the same. At least there's always something to do and there are no huge expanses of empty land. Well, save for Skyloft, but that's meant to be an explorable hub, I guess.

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Don't like the forced motion controls or the jaggies. I might have to emulate this one...

edit: no wm+ emulation, but a real one can be used...

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I'm with you on the forced motion controls. Just wish I could play with a CC sometimes...

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I seem to recall Miyamoto or someone saying it's 6 hearts because of the new-fangled control scheme. I for one am thankful. I cannot swing sword.

I'm thankful for it. I died once already even with the six hearts, and I would have died from random octoroks shooting rocks at me if not for the extra buffer.

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Isn't that like admitting it sucks?

Here's an idea, Nintendo: Design a new game (if you still can) around motion controls instead of barely adapting existing game's formulas.
If Skyward Sword doesn't turn out to be really good, I think I can live without Nintendo from now on.

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Actually, they changed it to 6 hearts because almost everything does one heart of damage. Seriously, there are very little things that actually only hurt you for half a heart. I think I've seen maybe one thing that takes away a fourth of a heart.

P.S. Monkey, Skyward Sword is really good.

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I've heard that the first 10 hours or so suck, and then things get really good? We'll see...

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I've heard the same thing about the first 10 hours. For me, it's a Zelda game though, so this is one exception to the "I'm not asking for any video games this year so I can complete the ones I already have" rule, because it's Zelda. I may even complete this one before 2016!

I've also asked for Assassins Creed Revelations. Another must.

Now here's an interesting question. Both PS3 and XBOX 360 supply game software updates as well as Dashboard updates [XBOX 360 new dashboard December 6th /RandomPlug], and Nintendo delivers firmware updates to the console. Do game developers currently have a method of updating the games for the Wii? I thought no, mainly because of the limitations in storage [doesn't the Wii still run on "blocks" or memory?]. I wonder if that will ever change? Just thought about that and if maybe they could provide Wii Motion Plus improvements or something. Although maybe Nintendo just needs a firmware update to be able to do that. Who knows.

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I'm sure it's well within their capabilities, but I somehow doubt they'd go so far. Personally, I'd settle for a "Classic Controller Mode." Everything would be fine then.

In fact, why are we forced to use this unfamiliar (and sometimes not functioning) control schemes? I can appreciate the direction they're going, but until things work 100% perfectly, I'd rather stick with just the "classics." I mean, it can't be that hard to code in other controls, they're just buttons!

Oh Nintendo... maybe you'll get it right sometime.

Pre-emptive Warp: Yes I realize it's not as simple as B_BUTTON = SWORD_SWING, but you get the point

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It's kind of Nintendo taking chances here. They said, "Y'know what? Some people aren't going to like this but we really like this control scheme, we really want to see it work, and we're going to work hard to make sure a good amount of people are satisfied." I for one enjoyed the hell out of this control scheme, it's very fun to use.

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So, if it gets good after the first 10 hours, how long is it?

With the exception of flying around, I like the controls so far. They take a tiny bit of getting used to, but they're not bad. I'm pretty handy with the sword.

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