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They might be a bit more common in Cerulean Cave (if they're still in there...)

I don't think they are in the Cerulean cave.

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Wasn't sure. I knew they were there in Red/Blue but couldn't remember if they were still there for Gold/Silver. I haven't went in in HG yet.

I know you can find them in the wild somewhere.

Yeah, you can find them in the wild in those three routes below the easternmost route in Kanto. The encounter rate is 1%

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I have just two more pokemon that need to learn one move each and I'll be done with my team (minus the hold items I wanted. Those will take a while, so I'll make do without). I'll definitely be done tonight.

I've already planned out my second team, which I think will be better.

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Last night, I was breeding for a specific nature and totally forgot that I have to get the egg move first. I think I've got my team ready for training now, though. I've only got 3 ready at the moment, so I hope you guys don't mind a 3v3.

you can still get yellow forest now i just got it today!

You can get Yellow Forest until the beginning of May.

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I'm looking forward to Celebi. Hopefully Gamestop will do it again and not Toys R Us. I feel less creepy in Gamestop.

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Goddamnit! I just spent two hours looking for a calm female Tentacool, only to find that I had one in a box all along.

angry mumbling

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Hey. This game is taking over my life, and I'm not even going meta. If you've been wondering where I was (which you were most likely not, anyway), I've been chilling with my Pokémon. Playing the Pokéathlon a lot. Checking out the radio. Exploring. I've only started going after the Kanto badges this week. Only missing Blue's. I don't think I've played over 80 hours of any game in such a short time span. I am so addicted.

Anyway, funny story I wanted to tell as soon as it happened, but, you know... Pokémon.

So I beat the Elite 4 and the Champion last week, at the 50-hour-or-so mark. Thing is, I never should have won that last battle. It was late, and I figured I'd go through Victory Road and then call it a day, because I was gearing up for a long trek through the damn place. Turns out it was much shorter and easier than I expected, so then I thought I'd check out the Elite 4. I had no intention of beating them, really, just see at which levels they were. Well, the first 3 went down effortlessly, and the 4th gave me a bit of trouble.
But man, the Champion was something else. Keep in mind that I changed my team around a few times to get rid of some dead weight, so I was somewhat under-levelled (You'll see soon enough) because I had to train a few.
Seeing I had just spent some amount of time on beating the Elite 4 and still having enough potions and whatnot, I thought that I might as well go for it. What followed was something I thought almost impossible in this game.
Upon seeing it was the dragon trainer, I put Lapras out first – it had Ice Beam – and knocked out a few of his rather easily. His Dragonites, though, nearly wiped out my team. The level 50 one was the worst. All my Pokés were down for the count besides Lapras, and through some strange twist of fate, it had just enough Defence and HP to survive Outrage, although it would be in the red section of its HP. So I’d use whatever potion I had left to restore it to full health until the foe would become confused and hurt itself (which it pretty much always did). I used that window to land a hit, and then the process would start over. Then I got tired of him using Full Heals, so I used Perish Song (I still had plenty of Revives to bring others back to life), but the bastard switched out on the last turn! I forgot he still had another one! Anyway, I KO’d his Charizard and then used Perish Song again, ensuring victory.

The thing is, I went through about 30 or so Max Potions/Full Heals and used roughly 10 Full Revives for that battle alone (I’m very stingy on items, so they tend to pile up.) So what could go so wrong as to warrant such item whoring? This is my first Hall of Fame:

Lvl 39 Ampharos
Lvl 38 Hypno
Lvl 36 Ponyta
Lvl 36 Gligar
Lvl 39 Meganium
Lvl 41 Lapras

Yeah, I never should have won that battle, but for some weird reason, I did. Needless to say, before I even dared going after the Kanto gyms, I beat pretty all the trainers in that country to level up. Now they’re all between 50-52.

Oh, and I need a Razor Fang to evolve Gligar. That’ll give it a much needed boost.

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J-Man wrote:Lvl 36 Ponyta
J-Man wrote:Yeah, I never should have won that battle, but for some weird reason, I did.

I still remember where I was when I beat the Elite 4 on Pokemon Red. I didn't think I'd make it, I was very close. I believe if I remember right my Articuno delivered the final blow on Blastoise . I got lucky, I was running really low on health, all my other Pokemon were gone, and I landed a Blizzard that froze my rivals Blastoise. Took him out shortly after.

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I'm ready to battle anyone grim this weekend.

I don't think my team is as good as I initially thought it was, but it's good enough.

It's go time... my team is 4/6 UU, but that adds to the excitement!

SoulSilver FC: George/ 3567 3817 8968

You & me, let's go. Add me on AIM, georgerimakis2, that way you can message me when ready.

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mine isn't ready. i have almost all the items i need and then i still need to train them each 10-20 levels to learn their moves

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