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Totally beat my score by ~25 and died to the A6 boss. I think I can hit 1900.

Edit: For clarity, I'm factoring in the points from the boss, Star Wolf and Andross when I say I would've beaten my score.
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You should stream it or record it in some way!

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I'll keep an eye out for a cheap DVD recorder. The N64 is still at my parents' house, so I run though it if I have 45 minutes to kill. I'm nothing compared to the guys on youtube, but it would be cool to have recordings.

I own a cheap USB TV tuner I got some years ago that has composite AV in, iirc. I wonder if I can record with it... It's not like I use it for anything else.

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1878. I've been keeping track of my best score on each level and I can do 39 better if I match my bests.

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Ugh. Set personal bests on four levels in one run, but the hatches didn't open at the end of Katina four times in a row (if you ignore them, they come out with the core about 80% of the time. As far as I can tell it's pure chance. They're five or six points each, so it's a big deal.)

I'll make a video. I can score over 1900 in about 1 in 3 runs now. I'll get a DVD recorder or a TV tuner card after Christmas shopping.

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does the wii u have twitch streaming built in?

Ray wrote:does the wii u have twitch streaming built in?
Alas, no. I'm not sure if *any* of the current-gen consoles do. Sony lets you share clips, but I don't remember if they'll do livestreams. I haven't cared enough about the XBone to remember much of its feature set.

Edit: I've since watched a friend streaming Final Fantasy X HD from their PS4 on Twitch. Learned something new.
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Playing SF64 on the virtual n64 on the virtual wii on the wii u.

Hits: 1041

I've got 4 medals so far:


This is just the beginning!

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I don't get to play as much, but I'm still working on 2000. All my high scores per levels on the path added up surpass it (yeah, I keep track...), but I have trouble with a few and haven't strung together a run where I've done well on all of them. I'm pretty consistent with every other level, except Area 6, which I'm still improving at, which is crazy since I'm approaching 500 (version 1.2 limits scores to 511 I guess I'll be finding out which one I have). I should really invest in at least a VCR to record it.

I go CO-ME-KA-SX-MA-A6-VE, which is the noob path for high scores. Eventually I'll have to switch to the pro path, which I find much harder (especially Aquas, look at this! You have to spam torpedoes that automatically lock on, without directly hitting your target.)I'll probably just retire, TBH

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Aquas is so friggin hard! Everything is slow as tits and my health just slowly drains.

Got medals for Sector Y and Zonas. Beat noob venom in first person mode. It can get pretty tough at times, but I think it actually makes the running rock boss easier.

I watched a youtube of Sector Y and that helped me get high enough. Seems like the main thing is the wise choosing between homing charge shots and non-homing. That and increasing my aiming skill somewhat will help.

I'm gonna haphazardly try to get the rest of the medals before going for an overall score.

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Have fun with Sector Z. I still have nightmares about that.


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I KNOW! I'm thinking I should just kill them all. We'll see

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I sense an intense rivalry forming

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Ray: Nope. All three need to be alive to get a medal.

Devo: I need a rival. My brother isn't even on the high score list on my cartridge anymore.

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