Mario Tennis Aces

Nintendo's latest hybrid console.
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Anyone else looking at getting Mario Tennis Aces? I enjoyed Mario Power Tennis back on the GameCube, mostly because I like playing tennis irl as well. The demo tournament this weekend shows that Aces will be pretty solid as well, although I think I've determined my switch doesn't have great wifi signal in my living room

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Mario Tennis is one series I've somehow managed to avoid, and I think a lot of that is just because Tennis never really interested me a whole lot in the first place. I'm not even sure I've tried any of the Mario Tennis games. I looked up a video of Aces though and it looks pretty well polished and like it'll be fun. Might give it a try if someone has it, but have no plans on picking it up myself for now.

About the only close thing I've played to a Tennis video game is Super Tennis for the SNES, which I still own and my sis and I still quote the announcer to this day quite regularly.

I enjoyed Mario Tennis on the 64. I wouldn't mind playing a newer one. However, I don't pick up all that many games anymore. It's likely I'm going to miss out on this one.

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I'm sure I will be getting Aces at some point but don't think I will get it right at launch as I have plenty of games to occupy my time, for example finally actually getting through the banner saga on my switch copy

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