Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo's latest hybrid console.
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I like what I see so far! Very Mario 64. People seem to be down in the whole "Mario in the real world idea" but I think it's cool! The disjointed style really makes Mario stand out - I dig it. Plus it's probably only for one world/stage, so it's not like he'd be there always. The cap-jump is such a small addition but it's a really cool gimmick! Can't believe they hadn't done it until now. Not too sure what's up with the living hat though - pulling a Minish Cap?

Also big pimpin' Bowser ya'll better watch out!

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i was watching the trailer and said "what, there are no enemies?" around 1:13

what a well-made trailer

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This is going to be an interesting one. My sis showed me the video initially and said it looked pretty cool. At first glance, it looks like there's some areas that the graphics could be polished, but it may also be that I haven't seen the game in person yet on an HDTV and can't get a full idea of it. I'm sure it'll be great. It's a Mario game, so I'll be getting it either way.
Drevin wrote:Not too sure what's up with the living hat though - pulling a Minish Cap?
That's exactly what I thought too when I saw the eyes pop out of the hat. Minish Cap was the first thing that came to mind.

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Did anyone buy this on launch? I'm a few worlds in. The praise the game has been getting lately is not undeserved in the slightest. I'm absolutely loving it.

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Yeah I go this too, quite far in the game and have been having tons of fun

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played a bit at xc's house. pretty fun

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