The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo's latest hybrid console.
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Is that still readily available? I just gave up and went standard like a pleb

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Not anywhere that I can find... sigh, guess it's the pleb version for me.

I did snag the Link and Zelda amiibo though, so that'll do.

I hadn't checked anywhere to see if the collector's were sold out. In that case, I can just wait to buy the Switch version until I purchase my own system (again).

I wish I could preload the Wii U version in the meantime. I also want to buy Twilight Princess HD, but I don't want to spend over $110 right now on Zelda...

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I'm in the same boat regarding TP HD especially the version with Midna and Wolf Link figurine, but yeah, the $$$ moola as it were :sad:

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it's so fun.

so far, it plays exactly how i'd like it to. controls are really tight, sprinting is fast, there's no shitty tutorial. huge contrast from pokemon sun moon which might have the worst and longest tutorial i've dealt with yet.

i haven't done anything beyond what has been shown off promotionally, but i wanna mention one part of my experience that was really awesome

so i'm hunting this boar. this fucker is like the fourth one i've seen and i finally have a bow. i hit him once and he ends up running into this little valley. chasing him, i notice some of the larger rocks start to move. holy shit! a stone totem thing! this giant rock enemy comes out of the ground and starts attacking me. it killed me a couple times before i took it down, but every attempt was a step of progress. i particularly liked that he could OHKO me. made it really tense to keep my distance yet still get close enough to attack. also i liked that i could have just turned and left the battle at any point. pretty cool

I'm enjoying it so far (on the Wii U; it's my personal system and I don't want to be a third person fighting over usage of the Switch). Some of my excitement has been damaged by spoilers; watching two others play a game that I'm also playing means that I already know where to find a lot of things, or how to solve certain puzzles, and it's a lot less exciting than solving them myself.

I do wish I was playing on the Switch, though... I can't be as free as them, grabbing the Switch and going. It's too easy to accidentally think, "Hey, I can do that!" with the Wii U and then walk out of range of the base system. Then I try to work out schemes of how to take it around with me... And then the Wii U Gamepad's screen is so blurry in comparison to the nicer one on the Switch.

I do have a few issues with this game. One - Zelda games have taught me to pick up everything. If it's not nailed down, pick it up. This game changes that around to a more Skyrim/Fallout system, where inventory space is a premium. I've always had an issue with those games, thanks to being trained to be a kleptomaniac... by Zelda and other games.

Two - the open world. I have a few issues with it. I love the idea, but at the same time, part of my enjoyment of Zelda games was being funneled into puzzles and then solving the puzzles. I could derive even more enjoyment when I found unintended ways to complete the same puzzle or to break a sequence. Also, I always knew where to go in older Zelda games. I always had direction. I could go do whatever I wanted - to a point. Eventually I'd complete all the sidequests that were possible at that time and have to go back to the story. Here, I'm overwhelmed by a vast world. Having so many options for where to go is actually tiring. There is far too much out there to really explore everything. As a result, as your options for exploration are unlimited, it's a lot easier to miss overworld secrets.

Three - Combat. Since puzzles are a bit more free than before, I feel like they stepped up combat in exchange. Experiencing OHKOs are kind of annoying. Seeing the Game Over screen a lot is discouraging. Making a single, minor mistake can cost you your life. (Gotta say, though, props to the save system - it's very good about minimizing losses so that you can learn from your deaths in a similar way to learning from your painful mistakes in past games.)

So... my complaints are not necessarily bad things. They're just different than what I've come to expect from Zelda, and so are things that frustrate me personally. I do love that they've changed things up, though. As Ray mentioned, so little tutorial. (Which actually annoyed me the other way, because I didn't have a full grasp on the controls at the time they let me go, so I had to keep working to figure things out again. The game manual is useless.) I'm getting the hang of it, and enjoying the game. I'll keep playing, but I don't feel glued to it like I have with some games in the past. I think this is more a function of me changing as an individual than a statement on the game's quality. Actually, that's pretty much how I play games these days - bite-sized chunks. I don't finish them quickly, but the ones that I'm truly enjoying, I tend to keep coming back to and progressing on. (Picross games, Zelda, Pokemon Moon, Final Fantasy XIV, etc.) That's what I'll do here.

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Avoiding reading anything in this topic for now but just wanted to say despite seeing the opening in demos/trailers, it's even more breathtaking in person

Can't wait til I can start this game (probs winter)

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so i explored further and completed a bunch of shrines.

i'm fucking loving this game. it's early to tell, but this is 90% likely to take wind wakers spot as my favorite game of all time

i'm might be having the opposite experience as you warp. i love the fact that if i get too bold, something will redirect me with a OHKO. and if i want to challenge that destiny, i'm free to either return to battle it or divert myself to an easier course.

i really like the cooking system too. pretty fun. there's more i would talk about but i'd rather go back to playing it than writing about it

I'm liking it a bit more, gradually. I'm trying not to watch other people play too much, because I want to find and solve things myself.

However, it's frustrating to be exploring, see a thing, and then have no way to mark it to come back later because you already have five spots tagged... or you'll see something and then forget where it is... or see something that obviously goes to something else and have no idea where the other component is...

I dunno. Liking it more, but still grates on my nerves a bit. I play in little slices.

Welp. I've been quiet lately because I've been addicted. Beaten a small pile of shrines, still ignoring the main quest. I have two full stamina wheels now, but only four hearts. Exploration is my everything. Must keep heading towards that next point of interest...

I have maxed out Link's stamina at three wheels. Moved onto heart containers; I think he's at ten hearts now. Must. Keep. Finding. Shrines.

Accidentally triggered the final fight after having fought only one of the Divine Beasts. Maybe exploring there was not the best choice.

Two Divine Beasts down, two to go.

Sharkman prince is hot. <3

All four divine beasts down.

And this is adorable. ... 1793957338
(Be sure to listen to the Dropbox audio clip, too!)

Beat it last night, 1 month and a day after it came out. I was in the final area anyway, hunting for an item I wanted, and decided to tackle the final battle again on a whim. I was well equipped at the time. It was spur of the moment, but at that point, easy to get in. I had a difficult time with the final boss, mainly because I never bothered to learn the block and dodge mechanics. I did beat it, though. Quite cool. 30.17% completion rate, I think. (There really need to be fewer Koroks.)

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beat it!

spent a lot of time preparing for the final and got my roommate to wait so that we could approach the castle simultaneously

ultimately, i was overprepared. i had a dozen overheal foods, a triple attack buff, and a full barbarian outfit along with a savage lynal bow (i didn't even bring my 5-shot, only my 3-shot) and a few dozen bomb arrows.

it was almost trivial....

final form ganon was way too easy as well. i guess it was more symbolic than anything else.

wind waker had a much better ending, but this one had a better beginning and middle.

what is this completion rate % you mentioned?

If you open up your map, there should be a percentage in the lower left hand corner. I assume it factors in the compendium, perma-collectibles (damn you, Koroks!), shrines completed... I don't know what all is in there for sure, though.

Yeah, when I beat it, I did it on a whim. I was at the castle for something else, had beaten all of the Divine Beasts, and was just kind of cruising through the castle. I was powerful enough by then that nothing in the castle was particularly daunting. I strolled through at my leisure, and figured, why not try Ganon? It was an annoying battle for me because I never mastered the skills that you're supposed to use to defeat him, so it seemed I was damaging him more by chance than intentionally. I had enough supplies on me that it was doable (though I did run out of useful arrows). And yes, the final-final battle really is symbolic from what I can tell. I didn't even take damage during it. I'm not even sure I got attacked with any real conviction.

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