The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Nintendo's latest hybrid console.
Can I cut down all of the trees, and if so, will they *stay* down?

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Warp2063 wrote:Can I cut down all of the trees, and if so, will they *stay* down?
Hahaha that's something Ray, Drevin, and I were wondering the other night; if a tree is cut down or an area is lit on fire, does it respawn, and if so, how often? Do we need to wait awhile, leave the area and come back, or are the changes still there until we save and quit and reload?

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I hope everything I do stays but I doubt it will, I love stuff like that though. Y'know consequences.
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i'd be surprised if they didn't respawn

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Me too

I'd be shocked if they didn't respawn, but I'd also be highly impressed. Minecraft-y.

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It'd be cool if they provided a hardcore/Hero mode where things are more permanent, but I hope too there is a normal/no-consequence mode

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Drevin wrote:I have to admit the open world looks cool but also worrying - a problem I often run into with these games is that they are so huge, but the amount of meaningful content in the world is so small. There are claims that there will be 100(+?) shrines or mini-dungeons to tackle, on top the usual full-scale dungeons, which is nice but I wonder how "alive" the world will feel, or will be just be a vast sea of green grass? Hoping there's going to be more than just static content and really minor encounters.
Ya, I hear that. I mean, I'm gonna love it no matter what. But part of me is reassured by the fact that there's a LOT we haven't seen still. I was listening to some Zelda soundtracks earlier today and I thought wait, we didn't see any Gorons, didn't see any Zora's, and I'm sure there's a lot of other things we didn't see too. Naturally, I'm sure that's all fully intentional so there's no spoilers. I'm so stoked for this game, even more so after seeing the footage from E3.
Drevin wrote:It'd be cool if they provided a hardcore/Hero mode where things are more permanent
Almost like a real world survival mode of some sort. "Oh, you chopped down that tree? Well, hope you had a good use for it."

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What Zelda has going for it that a lot of these open world games don't is a world I actually care about and genuinely want to explore - which means that even if there isn't a lot of moment-to-moment stuff in the world, it'll at least be fun to putt around and see what they've squirreled away in the world.

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I figure by now we've all seen the trailer?

What did you think?

I'm super pumped of course. Something about it just feels special. I know it's gonna be good. I was initially not into the idea of it being "open world" since many of the games I've played in the past just never get it right to me - but I think BotW might get it. I've been in love with the visual style since the reveal - it makes me think Skyward Sword and I loved the visuals in that game - it was just limited by the hardware to fully execute it imo. Now I think they've got it nailed. Also hoping for a playable Zelda, since I think that'd be pretty cool.

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that aint falco!

looks absolutely beautiful. really glad switch is portable because now i can play it on the big 65" tv and also alone if i don't want any backseat gamers (roommates)

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The trailer makes me want to get the game even more. But I'm not planning on getting it at launch. I actually found out that my mom had pre-ordered me Breath of the Wild for Wii U for Christmas this past year, but she didn't know that the Switch was coming out. I ended up telling her to cancel that pre-order because I'm planning on asking for the Switch/Breath of the Wild for Christmas this coming year.

The reason I'm waiting so long is because this year I have other games I want to finish, and seeing as how I know I'm going to want to spend a lot of time with this one, I really want to finish the games on my list for this year and then start fresh into BotW next year. Plus, by then, any initial Switch bugs, hardware fixes, and BotW bugs will hopefully be all fixed if there are any. But don't get me wrong, I'm getting a Switch, I'm getting Breath of the Wild, and it's going to be amazing.
Ray wrote:and also alone if i don't want any backseat gamers (roommates)
lol, reminds me of the time I was playing Twilight Princess in 2009 or so and some friends were over and they were all getting after me for taking a long time to get past this one particular part. I think it was somewhere in Snowpeak if I remember right. But I just remember me laughing and everyone else sitting there going "oh my gosh this hurts to watch" and every other non-supportive line you can imagine that's easy to say if you're not the one playing. But hey, I FINISHED THAT GAME!!

I'm getting really psyched for this! I was kind of meh on the little bits I'd seen to date, but my boyfriend was running a bunch of Nintendo Treehouse videos of the game on the TV last night, and I'm pleased by what I saw!

Since he bought my Switch preorder off of me, I think it'll give me more incentive to pick up the Wii U version so I can play while he brings the Switch to work with him. The framerate and animations seem a bit choppier from what I observed, but it was far from unplayable.

I *miiiight* pick up the Switch Collector's edition for myself as well. I'm pretty sure I'll buy a Switch of my own again later on, and I kind of want the bonus stuff. Or should I go for the Master Edition...?

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my roommate and i decided to split 1-2 switch. should be a pretty good pickup for 20 bucks!

im getting excited to play.

also got lucky and got a free 23" computer monitor with hdmi input (which my current monitor doesn't have) which means i can use my switch on a bigger screen in my room too :D

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I think you should get the Master Edition :twisted:

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