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Just got a code for early access to the demo, along with three more to share!

Any takers?

EDIT: The demo includes three monsters to hunt and 14 weapon types. There are two difficulties -- Beginner and Experienced. You can play with up to three other people locally or online, but only if they select the same difficulty as you (it can be changed at any time).

I'll bite if others don't want it more. I'm more curious than anxious.

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Monster Hunter is a series I've always read about but never played... is now a good time?

Drevin wrote:Monster Hunter is a series I've always read about but never played... is now a good time?
From what I've heard, this is supposed to be the most accessible one to-date.

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The learning curve was pretty steep when I first played it (MH3). But it's also very rewarding once you get it down. It's kind of hard to explain, IMO. Pretty much the only way to find out whether or not it's your kind of game is to take the plunge. If I'm not mistaken, there ought to be a demo for MH3U (3DS and WiiU); you could start by checking that out.

Also edited in some details about the demo into the OP.

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I like the simple concept of the series, but hate games that require me trading my time for a chance for a random drop to be whatever I happen to need to create my next weapon to beat the next boss within the time limit. I'd still like to give it another chance; a big part of why I didn't play further was the camera control on PSP. I enjoyed the demo on Wii U a lot more.

I'd suggest playing the demo repeatedly and if you still enjoy it, go for it.

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Anyone pick this up? I've been playing quite a bit, probably 9-10 hours in and having a blast. Been working with the Dual Swords and the Charge Blade, both really fun weapons though I keep forgetting to block with the Charge Blade. Ah well, I'm still in the second town as I've been grinding up for weapons and armor but I'm enjoying myself quite a lot. How are you guys' hunts going?

Haven't even played the demo yet. :/

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I've been playing it like a part-time job. Defeated the Shagaru Magala last night; tonight I'll be doing Guild Hall quests to get into High Rank. This game is awesome, and a much better starting point for newbies. I think the difficulty has been decreased somewhat as well, because hunts aren't taking as long as I'm accustomed to. And I think rare drops are slightly more common too. Then again, this is all Low Rank, so it's probably intentional.

What kind of kit are you using, Afro? I've been sticking with the Tetsucabra armor set and Dual Blades since pretty much the beginning.

Also, the Gore Magala Dual Blades are awesome. Kinda want to get the armor to go with it just for the look.

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Oooh, just beat the Super Saiyan Magala huh? Haven't gotten to him but I'm definitely pretty close.

I've been sticking with the Nerscylla armor since I got it and have been switching back and forth between Dual Blades and Hunting Horn. Both are quite fun and I'm looking forward to doing more multiplayer hunts, especially with the horn. It gets some crazy good buffs later in the game.

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The Shagaru Magala is so beautiful, too. Kinda felt bad killing it.

Re: Hunting Horn. Negate Stamina Use is an absolute favourite of mine, 'cause that means I can stay in Demon Mode much longer. :D

Once I get into High Rank, I'll start looking into armor sets which help inflicting status ailments for multiplayer, like I did in 3U. Paralyzing a monster 4 or more times per hunt is so satisfying. 4 people getting so many free hits. ;) I made a few friends online thanks to that.
Not too sure what I'll be crafting for single player though. Probably something which reduces stamina use and loss.

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my roommate's gf got this and she couldn't put it down the first day. i dont know much about it, but seeing the positive reviews and knowing it's pretty different from what i've got so far makes it a contender... if i every buy a game again

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