Fire Emblem Fates

Nintendo's latest portable console.
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Yay another fire emblem. I think this goes on my to-get list just for having the same gameplay as Awakening. Hopefully they don't ride too much on the past game's success though.

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I usually turn off animations but that transition from map to battle is super slick. Also the characters actually have feet now woooow

I wonder if the game will have an avatar again or if it'll go back to blue-haired main character

Intrigued, but I've never beaten a Fire Emblem. I *think* I own all of the US-released ones. Just... never beaten one. Never even made it halfway through one before.

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Drevin wrote:Also the characters actually have feet now
I hope that's a feature on the back of the game box.

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I like that they kept the same animation style as Awakening. Music's pretty nice too. Good teaser overall, butI'll wait for more details before getting hyped.

Which reminds me... I have yet to finish Awakening.

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You both need to do that, like now.

Drevin wrote:You both need to do that, like now.

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lol no, that's the thing: it isn't that hard. I feel like I'm cheating by using Donnie and Inigo. And yet they're so awesome to watch in action. They're practically invincible together.

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I get a strange satisfaction from putting an over-leveled Hero unit in the middle of the battle and just watching units fall left and right. Lambs to the slaughter.

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yup, gunna get that one

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New trailer kinda doesn't look like a tactics game

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They just got a breakthrough success with a tactics game, I'd be surprised if they switched things up already

Not a fan of the story setup though... (keep in mind this is just for Japan at the moment, maybe they'll get enough backlash to change it for WW release)

There are two versions each containing a different story. The opposite story is available for discounted DLC. Story is a pretty large part of the FE games so this seems like a really stupid move to me, Only gonna piss people (read: FE fans) off.
So instead of experiencing the whole story, it gets fragmented for no good reason. Forced to buy content that is probably already on the cartridge.
Japan is reportedly getting a limited edition that contains both stories.

The game looks great don't get me wrong, but this whole dividing the story BS is dumb

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Some new details emerge.

If Casual difficulty was too hard for you, then now there's Phoenix Mode. Dead units revive on the following turn. This just seems ridiculous, I mean Casual Mode was already easy enough - units would revive at the end of the mission - this is just turning the game into a book at this point. Whatever, it's just an option. I won't be touching that one.

Also they're getting rid of Weapon Durability which is kinda a defining feature of the FE franchise... curious decision. The article wasn't very clear if that was just for the new "ez" mode or if it's difficulty-wide. On the other hand, it'll likely make me use the special weapons more often. I'm sure other people out there do this too where you end up saving that rare item for a difficult boss battle... only to never actually use it. I'm guilty of doing that all the time in FE.

Still not liking the decision to break the experience into two different games either...

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i'm a fan of removing weapon durability. in awakening, it didn't provide much in the way of gameplay for me. just have to replace some items now and then. more of a chore than anything else.

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