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Nintendo's latest portable console.
Afrohawk52 wrote:Not even going for the 3DS because the faceplate looks better. That said, DAMN this game looks gorgeous. Absolutely can't wait to pick this up.
Too bad that North America is only getting the XL which doesn't support faceplates.

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I'll pass on it. I was expecting purple.

I'm not super-enthused about the black or the red, and I'm not going to be able to get the Zelda or Monster Hunter ones. Since I'm too poor to afford one right now anyway... Maybe a new color will be launched in the near future, and by then I'll be able to afford it?

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Here's a list of the changes currently known:
-The song of time no longer saves the game.
-You can only save at owl statues and the new feather statues.
-Aiming with the Deku scrubs bubble is now more accurate.
-The Bombers notebook now keeps track of more things, including giving you a map showing where people are.
-Zora swimming has been completely changed. You now have to use magic and put up with the humming of the electric shield if you want to go fast.
-Instead of holding the A button to roll as the goron, you now only have to hit it once.
-The game pauses every time you do something new in a sidequest and tells you exactly what to do next. Find an item? The game will make damn well sure you'll never have to wonder where it goes.
- Fishing has been added
- There's a new phase in the Gyorg fight
- The Twinmold fight has been completely redone
- Ice arrows can't be used to freeze any body of water. You now can only freeze special sparkling spots
The only changes I've got issue with are the ice arrows and sidequest stuff. Personally I thought it was far better figuring the stuff out on your own. Hopefully the hints are actually rather vague and that's just an exaggeration. The ice arrows change is odd... why not just let the player freeze any spot of water? I don't remember any particular parts where I really had to think on where to freeze the water. They might be changing it to get rid of abusable glitches or something, but it still seems odd to me. Reeks of hand-holding, and I thought they were getting rid of that!

The notebook change is great. It was pretty tricky (and sometimes downright annoying) to keep track of everything happening in the day, where NPCs were, etc. I hope the information isn't TOO specific, which lets the player figure things out.

The rest seem like just quality-of-life changes and bring things more in-line with modern-day expectations. I can't see the save system from the original game going over very well today, so it makes sense.

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“We didn’t make the game easier,” said Aonuma. “There aren’t any extra hints thrown at you when you’re not sure what to do, but there are all kinds of other mechanisms in the system that I think you’ll notice.”
-The game pauses every time you do something new in a sidequest and tells you exactly what to do next. Find an item? The game will make damn well sure you'll never have to wonder where it goes.
Yeah, I think we'll notice this too.

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yeah the one that most people are whinging about most is the Zora swimming, but having not ever seriously played this game, it'll be all new to moi. The handholding stuff is the only thing that concerns me as Nintendy have ruined a lot of would-be "modern classics" by implementing annoying 'HERE MAY WE GIVE YOU A HAND?!' mechanics.

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Zora swimming is probably the best swimming of any game. It's kind of like Ecco the Dolphin, except with a good game behind it.

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I'm loving this. I'd say I'm about 35-40% of the way through the game, doing all the sidequests I can except for Heart Pieces (it's Zelda tradition for me to always get them after the endgame).

The boss fights have definitely been changed (originally I thought it was just the one boss), but before you dig out the pitchforks... I have to say they've been improved across the board.

Looks like Nintendo changed more than that list before lets on... those who are looking to 100% the game, read on...

Stone Mask
The Stone Mask has been moved from Ikana Valley. The location is now Pirate Fortress

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That change in your spoiler is the kind of thing that really annoys me. It was great to find it and then find the perfect place to apply it.

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I guess in the context is kinda makes sense... but regardless of all the weird changes I'm still loving the everloving shit out of this game. I like to think the changes are not as egregious as CGI rocks.

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Beat it 100% and love the crap out of it. I agree with Drevin, pretty much every change is a betterment

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