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New details!
... Aonuma stated that the main thing he’d like to work on is changing things that weren’t explained in the original game. ... “We didn’t make the game easier,” said Aonuma. “There aren’t any extra hints thrown at you when you’re not sure what to do, but there are all kinds of other mechanisms in the system that I think you’ll notice.” ... “While I can’t say much about it… one thing— a boss fight has been changed. Upon trying a boss fight on the original version for the first time in a while after playing the remake, it’s like, ‘how do I beat this guy again?’ it’s that type of content.”
I'm a bit torn here. Aonuma says they aren't making the game easier, but things like that sound exactly like 'making the game easier'. It could just be a simple quality-of-life style change though, nothing drastic... without specific details, it's hard to say I guess.
Aonuma also confirmed that there won’t be any graphical differences for those playing on a regular 3DS and the New Nintendo 3DS. However, there will be something different for those playing on the New Nintendo 3DS in certain other areas, which Nintendo will reveal in the near future.
Interesting... very interesting. Perhaps a MM New 3DS might not be that far off!
“You’ll get to fish! Although… it makes you wonder whether you’ll have that free time to fish in the world of Majora’s Mask,” Aonuma say with a laugh. “So we’ve added fishing ponds. Two of them, too. There might be something monstrous you could fish out, so please look forward to it.”
Haha I love this change. Like Aonuma said, fishing while having the moon looming over your head is some great juxtaposition.

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I'm all for changes in remakes now. Worst case scenario, the game is bad while the original remains unchanged. The upside is the potential for a better game. I'd rather see "director's cut" style changes (like the fishing) than boss fight changes, but unlike how I used to be, I'm open to give anything a shot now.

Hmm, I hadn't been planning on replaying the original before the release of the remake, but I might have to, now.

The only boss that I vaguely remember having any confusion about how to beat... was the first one.

New 3DS stuff? Good, good. Although I hope it's not just "links with the Link Amiibo," or "requires Link Amiibo to unlock."

I can't guarantee I'll have the time and patience to just... fish for hours on end like I did in OoT years ago, but maybe.

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The price of a normal retail game for Wii U!? Aww shit, I may have to consider this. I need to get a release date first just because I don't want to reserve it in the wrong spot (college vs. home) but the second that release date comes I'm reserving this bad boy.

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Damn... I'm already tempted to get the MM 3DS. How can I pass this up?

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Hopefully we'll hear some news about the new 3DS finally releasing in North America soon as well.

link470 wrote:Hopefully we'll hear some news about the new 3DS finally releasing in North America soon as well.
Pretty sure it's going to be at around the same time.
Drevin wrote:Special Edition incoming

I saw. I heard. I considered. There will be an even more exclusive version that comes with a book. (GameStop only? Don't know.)

While the hoarder in me wants that statue, the realist says that I'm poor and have no place in which to put it. I guess I'm just going to have to get the game alone.

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I'm of two minds. Part of me is with Warp; I actually sold most of my collectibles recently. On the other hand, things like the statue and definitely Zelda themed consoles appreciate in value quickly if you keep them sealed. There's probably better investments, but they don't look cool on top of a bookshelf.

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welp it's sold out everywhere... seems lately Nintendo can't keep up with demand of anything

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Well Nintendo's been having trouble on that front since the Wii launch. Nintendo! You are popular! Wake up (and smell the coffee/reality)!

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I think part of the problem is that companies need to make it so people don't get more than one special edition per customer. It's obvious a lot of people love these special editions so plenty of them scalp 'em for a quick buck. The sad part is that scalping really doesn't hurt the company; they're still getting their money for it so it's not really an issue. It's annoying as hell for the customer and it'd be nice if they changed it but considering it's a limited time deal many customers won't say much about it other than "darn, I missed it".

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They should just have preorders before they even begin manufacturing. They'll make more money that way and can even kickstart the crazy ideas.

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Well here it is guys, get it while it's hot:

Another gold 3DS? imo it looks kinda... meh. I thought they'd definitely go purple on this one, that would be rad. Also it doesn't come with the game (or AC adapter) lol

Looks like it's already out of stock everywhere anyway.

Regardless, the game looks freaking sweet and I can't wait to pick that up.

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Not even going for the 3DS because the faceplate looks better. That said, DAMN this game looks gorgeous. Absolutely can't wait to pick this up.

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