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Nintendo's latest portable console.
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still a nice upgrade, but not worthy of my dollar

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So here's the question. Does the new regular ever come to North America? Thoughts?

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Nah, it's not coming to NA. Why would they? They're already expecting their userbase to upgrade to a new device... and then 6 months down the line they'll release the same thing with smaller screens?

Then again, this is NoA and nobody can predict what asinine move they'll pull next so hey.

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I'll pre-order the MH4U bundle. A few face buttons on my 3DS aren't responding as well as they used to.

Warp2063 wrote:I suspect that the reason that we're not getting the new 3DS yet is for the same reason that we didn't get it before - the North American region hasn't yet met whatever target goal was set for selling original 3DS systems, but people are getting antsy for the release of the new one (especially for MH4U), so they're finally giving it to us. I bet that the 2DS will remain the cheapest, the old 3DS will price-drop to come in at a midrange bracket, and the "elite" model, the new 3DS XL, will be the high-priced one. I figure that we'll get the new 3DS once that old 3DS stock sells through. (At the same time, I'd like to see North American 3DS to 3DSXL sales figures - When I worked at [video game retailer], I seem to remember that a lot of people opted for the bigger screen for the DSi, or went for the much cheaper Lite. The regular DSi didn't really start moving until the Lites were gone.)

As for the power adapter... it's what they did in Japan. It sucks, but it adjusts whatever their profit margin is. On top of that, a lot of the people who will care about the few games that the new 3DS can play that the old 3DS cannot (to date, isn't that just the Xenoblade Chronicles remake?) are people who will be upgrading from the old 3DS/XL, and therefore already have power adapters. People with an old 3DS/XL can still play 99.95%(I made that number up, but whatever) of DS/3DS games.

And to the people trading in their systems to buy the new ones and therefore have to trade their power adapters too - they're just SOL. Used game and hardware sales don't necessarily help Nintendo.

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Alright, so who got one?! I'm currently transferring my settings over. Slow transfer for the SD Card data...

Drevin wrote:Alright, so who got one?! I'm currently transferring my settings over. Slow transfer for the SD Card data...
Should've used your computer.

As I said, I can't afford one for a bit. Maybe if more of the stuff I'm selling on eBay goes, but I have more pressing bills/loans/moves to worry about first, so taking the plunge right now wouldn't be a smart plan. If I do give into the impulse... I guess I'd probably get the red one.

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For the first time, I finally own a 3DS! I picked up the new3DS XL this morning [in NEW black].

Stoked! I only just got home now, so I haven't even unboxed it yet. Just about to! :D

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I really like the feel of the D-Pad and buttons. Nice and clicky. Also digging the responsiveness... so much faster than the old 3DS!

It might also be worth mentioning the C-Stick is not actually a stick like the main analog stick, but rather a nub. Works like on the old IBM ThinkPads if you ever used them. I find the quality to be far better though.

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Still holding out for the regular New 3DS but glad to hear the quality and performance are worth the money. I'm sure it'll come soon enough, hopefully around summer, but if not I'll just get another limited edition one for a game I really want. Dunno what that'll be yet but I can wait.

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Best of luck Afro, and I guess you don't need to commit until there's an exclusive you want to play anyway.

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Standard New 3DS coming to NA

I'll eat my words. I should have held out. Afro, you were right!!

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I had a feeling! I'm happy I haven't really had a need for another 3DS anyway; I haven't really been playing it all that much. Now I just hope there's going to be a non-bundle one. I'm not really a fan of the new Animal Crossing game so I'd rather not shell out the money for it. But who knows? We'll see.

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I hope that means a non-bundle one. I might end up selling my XL and going for this Standard one.

edit: (Canadian pricing)
lmao our dollar sucks

I actually would like the bundle one - I'm kind of excited for the new Animal Crossing game. Too bad I'm probably not going to have a few hundred bucks lying around when it releases, though.

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