New Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo's latest portable console.
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New Nintendo 3DS on the right, New Nintendo 3DS XL on the left

For those of you not in the know, here's what's new:
  • - Added additional analog nub
    - Added two new buttons (ZL and ZR)
    - Internals have been upgraded (meaning better performance than previous 3DS models)
    - Removable backplates
    - Other aesthetic changes
Coming out in Japan on October 11th. No NA release until 2015.

So this is interesting because they upgraded the internal components of the 3DS. This means they can do things with the New 3DS that the old 3DS can't handle, which leads to splitting the userbase for their 3DS owners. Previously when Nintendo did this with the Nintendo DSi, the amount of exclusives for it were pretty low (according to Wikipedia there were 5), so that could in all likelihood mean that they'll do something similar with this one. I can't see Nintendo making their main series of games (like Mario, Zelda etc) "New 3DS" exclusive, but who knows.

What do you guys think? Personally, I think I'm not really sure what they're thinking -- I'm sure the amount of backlash from existing 3DS is gonna be substantial, and with the Wii U's performance where it is now, it just seems to be adding more fuel to the fire. I would have almost preferred them to just skip right to the new handheld entirely rather than doing this stopgap thing. Then again, if the DSi is any indication, then maybe there won't be that many New 3DS exclusives.

I also want to put on record that calling your product "New <X>" is freaking dumb and I hate you for it. Looking at you "New iPad" "New Super Mario Bros." and now this. Ugh.

I don't like the "new" moniker either. However, I'm quite excited for this.

+MicroSD Support will be nice, and the new location means I won't be getting gunk jammed around the door for it.
+Faster processor!
+I don't really care about the NFC stuff, but neat!
+Improved battery life, very yes!
+I don't know what "Super Stable 3D" is exactly, but as I understand it, it involves improvements to the 3D.
+Improves the 3DS to have the 3DS XL's curves, which means no more corner prints in my palms! :D
+Moved the game slot to a new spot. Okay.
+Improved display size! (If it hits the DSi's screen size, I will be very pleased.)
+Better browser (not that I used it much, but good to have, especially if it's faster.)
+Wireless PC Backup support? Intriguing.
+More RAM and VRAM? (So I've heard)
+Improved cameras (So I've heard)
+Something about a gyro? (Is it an addition, an improvement, or the old one?)
+Faceplates, meaning that you don't have to ditch your current system for a special edition one - Nintendo's special edition systems will likely just have special edition plates, meaning ease of repair and replacement, and more design and customization possibilities.
*Not sure I like the locations of the ZL and ZR buttons, but good to have more inputs.
*Not sure I like the location of the new analog nub, but I'm glad it's there.

Here's what I'm hoping for:
*Improved experiences on games that currently have slowdowns (e.g. Pokemon X/Y)
*Faster access and traversal of the eShop and MiiVerse and internet browser
*Improved parity between the Wii U and the 3DS in terms of eShop titles (At the very least, making GBA games and SNES games available on the New 3DS, or better yet, buying a title on one system makes it playable on both, like the PSN... at least, please, give us the ability to share our saves back and forth between the Wii U and 3DS) (I wonder if this PC backup thing will give you anything like that, or if it'll only be for photos.)
*Continued support for DS games
*Improved 3DS/Wii U connectivity in general

I really hope that this is a strong step towards a future where Nintendo breaks down the walls between their consoles and their handhelds and unifies the future. The efforts in merging and simplifying the eShops, Club Nintendo, unifying the Nintendo Network, and creating/unifying NNIDs are steps in the right direction, but progress has been slow and they're still years behind Sony. With Microsoft's blunders recently, this would be a wonderful time to step up and give the world some of the things they've been begging from Nintendo for years - and I think that the improvements to the 3DS may well be steps in that direction. With the New 3DS adding two shoulder buttons and a second stick, it now matches the Wii U game pad for inputs (minus the analog clicks, probably). In that case, it could conceivably be used as a Smash Bros. controller for the Wii U, or for other games built to support it, allowing all players with a New 3DS to enjoy the input options available to the player holding the Wii U gamepad, rather than being sad and stuck with an old and limited Wii Remote. It could allow games to be built for both systems with a minimum of control style changes, allowing for a PSN "cross-play" of sorts - something there's already precedence for with MH3U. Heck, it could be even easier if they let you continue using your handheld as a controller and sync the play to the big screen through the Wii U.

If Nintendo plays their cards right... makes the New 3DS desirable enough by feeding it must-play titles, makes it a potential controller for Smash Bros. and/or other titles, and implements Cross-play to a greater extent, it could revive the Wii U and pave the way to a stronger, more unified Nintendo ecosystem of the future. Just selling these new systems might give them the cash flow they need to push on into the future and make some of these dreams a reality. C'mon, Nintendo. Please?

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I don't really care. The stick will probably be for smash attacks, obscure downloadable titles and maybe a few alternate control schemes. I'm OK with "new" . They confused the hell out of people with the Wii U (I still don't see how they went with that, considering the potential confusion with the U Draw tablet). It'll be stupid once it's no longer new.

I think I'm done with handhelds. They were cool for 2D games, but that ship has mostly sailed.

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looks like an attempt to buy some time while they decide what to do after 3ds / wii u

not personally interested in the device atm

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This is an interesting one for me because the only DS I own is the original brick DS from 2004. I have on my Christmas list for this year a 3DS XL, but with this device not coming out until after Christmas in North America, I've thought about maybe not asking for a 3DS XL yet and getting one after Christmas instead. I don't have any urgent need to get one, but there's titles I'm really looking forward to playing on the 3DS for sure.

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Well the good news is that you've got few months to figure out if you still want it (and I think you should get one of the "old" models, like you said there are plenty of games you really want to play). Hopefully before x-mas Nintendo will announce their NA plans for this new 3DS.

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I cant wait, I've wanted a large screen DS for a while! Hopefully the xl is under 200.

nolan wrote:I cant wait, I've wanted a large screen DS for a while! Hopefully the xl is under 200.
They're supposed to be the same prices as the current 3DS and the 3DS XL.

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Apparently, the circle pad pro will not be compatible with New 3ds games supporting the new stick. I'm not even suprised at the shit Nintendo does anymore.

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I'm not surprised, really. I think the more pressing matter is the upgraded internals, since every "New 3DS" game is probably gonna utilize that too. Still, it sucks even if the game would be playable on a regular 3DS.

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I'd bet it'll end up being like the DSi where most developers will be developing so that both systems can play it. The trade off of the higher performance isn't worth barring the majority of your potential customers from playing your games. I see more games (optionally) supporting the second stick, but not many exclusives.

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Here's a loading time test for the New 3DS using SSB 3DS:

Pretty crazy how fast it is now compared to the regular 3DS. Home screen shows almost instantly too! So responsive...

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The Big N is just confusing this old codger. I can't keep up with differences and what can play what. I just wanna play the games!

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So here's the skinny for NA:
- Feb 13th 2015
- Only get the XL version, no regular version
- No AC adapter included

So uh... why aren't they including an AC adapter? Better yet, why don't we get the regular version? Nintendo is sitting on a goldmine with those faceplates (heck I was planning on buying some), and yet we're stuck with just the XL. I mean, the bigger screens are great don't get me wrong -- but come on! Give us some options here.

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Aaaaaahhh that no regular N3DS is a deal breaker for me. I really wanted the smaller one so it fits in my pocket and so I can get those faceplates (that Majora's Mask faceplate looked better than the limited edition holy shit) but looks like I won't be getting that for a while. Oh well. I can wait. MH4 will be hard to play without it but I can wait.

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