Yoshi's New Island

Nintendo's latest portable console.
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This actually looks pretty fun. I'm watching today's nintendo direct right now. IMO looks better than the new kirby game

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It looks more polished now. Maybe this won't be terribad after all

The YI series is very sacred to me

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As someone who always lists Yoshi's Island on the SNES as one of my top 10 games ever, I am sort of bored of the graphical style (or lack thereof) and the levels don't look too exciting. Though, pertaining to the latter, these all look like they'd be in world 1.

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nvm this game looks ugly and bad

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the gameplay looks okay (albeit very very similar to 1), but I still don't think I can deal with the graphic style.

The graphics from the still frame look to me like a cross between Yoshi's Story and the New Super Mario Bros. games.

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looking again, it doesn't really seem prohibitively ugly. but any excitement i had for it must have been temporary because now i'm indifferent

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If you want to play a good Yoshi's Island game, wait for the VC release that's supposed to happen and then buy the GBA one

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I'd say I'd get this game with any extra money I have but that would kind of be a lie as any extra moola is goin' towards a Wii U and some games for it. Plus I don't have said moola atm. Though even though I still feel mixed about this title, the 3DS XL they're releasing in conjunction with this is class. Big ups to Nintendo for havin' Yoshi in his classic look, much love to that era of gaming/childhood.

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Okay thanks to Devo "Devilbin" Drevin I'm starting a progress log ("Dear Log...") on this one, now that it's over a year later and no one cares and for lack of a better place to post this - maaaybe the Gaming Goals thread? Nah, too much for that thread; don't ruin a good thing.

So right off the bat I should say I only started playing this thing because of a) my morbid curiosity b) Yoshi's Island SNES being one of my all time favourite games c) sadism and d) Mr. Devo Man Devin gifted this to me for for free after I requested it... aaaand he did warn me so don't say 'some friend!'

Anyway this will be my progress log, not a game review.

World 1:

First things first, that stork is such a lunk-headed moron. He is entrusted with the Mario Bros AGAIN and takes them to the wrong house?!! He has no sense of direction and then when Kamek's henchmen ambush him he is defenseless and let's the babies go to the slaughterhouse like what?

Anyway this game is quite nice looking in motion, way better that any of the ugly screen shots made it look, BUT even though there's lots of charm I miss the personality that the SNES game brought with it's pastel-like painting worlds. Also Yoshi looks rather derpy with his huge-ass shoes. Speaking of huge, it seems as if they are trying out that whole Gigantism thing Mario tinkered with New Super Mario Bros but it just doesn't seem quite as good here. Yet. We'll see. Maybe there's potential.

Also this music blows. I don't remember the SNES music that well but the one's I do seemed A-OK and this is brutal.

The little mini-games with the cars that I used to look forward to in Yoshi's Island have tilt controls here and I never liked those on DS/3DS games. AT ALL. So these levels, while okay now, are gonna be real grating. Which makes me think that the New in Yoshi's New Island kind of just means everything's the same but the different parts which aren't necessarily better and are mos def worse are the 'new'.. grrrrrreat. At least New Super Mario Bros the new was usually cool.

1-7 - Okay Super Yoshi is awesome, possibly better than Super Baby Mario, that was real fun

Also after some deliberation I realize there's a delay more prominent when you pull out your egg to shoot and also producing (a.k.a. pooping) said egg.

1-8 - Wow a new enemy?! And it's... a.... bean. Wow, so glad I held out for a new enemy :/ :/

World 2 coming tomorrow/today, actually.

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^ lol this is fantastic. Probably the fact that I've known you so long in person makes it even funnier because I can picture your reaction to everything all the better. Can't wait for the next part.

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Haha, thanks mang. Glad someone likes my erratic writing style. Without further ado, here's world two

Hey, that rhymes!!

World 2:

Ahh I like the music and background a lot more in this world. The music is just remixes from the World 1 music but not so banal and the backgrounds are cool for the most part. Almost Van Gogh-esque but not blatant like the New Super Mario Bros Wii U ones (which, to be true, I like too).

The gimmick with Fake Yoshi is okay, something new, as is the big Steel egg that takes out everything in one roll. Pretty cool, but kind of pointless. The walls it takes down aren't in any other level anywhere so it's not like your satisfied like 'yo NOW I can take down these walls! Feck yeah!'.

Those little pesky thief mice are back as are Lakitus throwing shit at ya. Also: Uggggh---baaaats*. And the king of the world is a big ass BAT!!! But he's easy so meh.

So world 2 was better than world 1. I liked the Inside the Outside level a lot and the Gusty level was nice though way derivative and I found it jarring how the gusties are like paused before they float toward you - anyone who hasn't played any platformer Yoshi game is like 'say whaaaa?'. But whatever I guess it's just different than the old games. That's allowed.

* mah mortal enemy (or ene-"meh!")

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Sounds like things are shaping up a bit! What's the deal with Fake Yoshi? Is it like Shadow Mario?

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He basically mimics your movement but he's on a different plain so you have to use him kill him to open doors.

Turns out he's just a Shy Guy or something.

Spoil-- eh nevermind

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World 3:

World 2 was starting to bring it back but World 3 seems a little ehhhhhhhh; I still don't like how next to none of the villains are new. There's Shy Guys on stilts, that little crazy dancing twirl Shy Guy, Ukikis (sp?), etc etc but oh so little in the new, inventive category.

Also 3-3 can go suck a fat one.

The Poochie section was so blatantly bad and he looks like fucking ass. Why?! The boss battle was one of the most boring but also sort of tricky boss battles, didn't like that one one bit but this world was okay, not very original but I think better than world 1. Still not liking the minigames, still loving the Super Yoshi sections, feels like Sonic Rush, especially when the vine made a shuttle loop.

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