Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies

Nintendo's latest portable console.
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Shoot! I was certain it was this month - and I already knew it was for the eShop only. Well, that's fine - gives me time to earn money again after spending it all on a Wii U. And to continue beating them all again.

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I'll be there Day 1. My body is ready.

Downloading now. Demo available for those who don't already know they want the game.

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is the demo available for those of us who know we don't want the game? might try it

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yeah anyone can get it

Ray wrote:is the demo available for those of us who know we don't want the game? might try it
You just don't know that you want it yet.

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So I've been playing through this... no spoilers. It's great, really great. It's been worth the wait, and I'm glad that Capcom decided that we at least deserved an eShop release, but of course I would have preferred a physical one too. Some of the contradictions feel really phoned in (the hints are not necessary, and sometimes they are blatantly giving it away), but the story is solid so far.

I've really enjoyed what I've played as well. I've had to put it on hold because of finals and saving Hyrule, but I plan to go back to it in a few days once I'm on break.

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Completed. Currently pondering buying the DLC case...

Anyway, the game was good. There is a lot of "Maybe if I present THIS" moments where they pretty much present the evidence for you, which I didn't really care for. I only got legitimately stumped a handful of times. Otherwise the contradictions are glaringly obvious or someone just points it out for you. The story however is great, which is probably the main reason you're playing the game anyway. I'll largely gloss over details, but there were plenty of twists and turns, and certainly many outcomes I didn't see coming. The Investigation phase has been streamlined a bit. You don't need to investigate every location, certain locations are able to be investigated and others are... not. When you finish investigating the game lets you know. There is also a notebook that keeps track of what you need to be doing. It is a bit hand-holdy but honestly I figure the reason people play the game is for the story. Still, I think they could have dialed the hand-holding back a bit. The villains were sometimes fairly obvious, which makes the 'big reveal' fall a bit flat.

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