Mario and Luigi: Dream Team

Nintendo's latest portable console.
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I've always loved the Mario and Luigi series and after Paper Mario Sticker Star left a sour taste in my mouth I'm ready for another Mario RPG game. This looks like it's going to be quite awesome. I love the unique take of it and battles look fun as hell, both in Luigi's Dream and out. Plus a return to Bros. Moves would be fantastic if they do that though it looks like it'll stay with items. We'll see though.

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the aesthetics in these games are always great. 2d sprites but in a 3d world, perf. it's what they should've done with FE:A imo...

Looks like some fun mechanics. Looks like a good ol' RPG.

I missed the latest one on DS (Bowser's Inside Story), maybe I should get that sometime.

Bowser's was fun. It's the only one of the series I've played all of the way through.

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Man this game looks like it's taking the surrealism to new heights and I like that; I liked the look of Bowser's Inside Story but never played it as I didn't care for Partners In Time much at all (though, since then I've heard that's the worst of the trilogy and thus the worst entry level game to play). I like how the whole year of Luigi thing means things are more whacky and artistic; I like the whole Katamari-esque ball-of-Luigis and the trippy looking dream levels and such. There looks to be a lot going on here and lots of cool, fun gimmicks whereas MALPIT just had babies. These games always had solid, engaging battle systems where some RPGs battles bore me to bloody tears, so I might give this series a shake again.

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Tons of Gameplay incoming.

It looks like battling changes significantly upon going to the Dream World which is pretty cool to see. It also looks like they're going back to using PP moves instead of the items which is fantastic; I loved the idea of having to use your PP wisely instead of getting a ton of items, never using them, and then having waaaay too many by the end.
Drevin wrote:I missed the latest one on DS (Bowser's Inside Story), maybe I should get that sometime.
I agree with Warp, BIS was really fun. I liked it a lot more than PiT and playing with Bowser is really refreshing. Boss fights were especially interesting and the story was just as hilarious as ever.

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Yeah those games are well written from my time with PiT and watching various parts of walkthroughs of SS; it's so rare that a game can make me laugh or chuckle as if I'm watching a good comedy or hangin' with friends, but the writers served up some good gags I remember. Only the Ratchet and Clank games were on the same level for humorous writing as far as I'm concerned. Most games' attempts are lame; maybe MGS has some funny writing I only played the first one.

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