A Link to the Past 2

Nintendo's latest portable console.
I loved this game. I felt it was a little short, being set up to be a tad more bite-sized for a portable system, but it was still great. I should play again...

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AC Dasher wrote:Alright linkus we're gonna get this off the ground next week ala our pact when leaving your car and fumbling to find my keys for three hours.
Absolutely! I'm stoked. In fact, made great progress on Minish Cap this weekend. 99/100 kinstones fused, 1 heart piece remaining, 2 figurines remaining, and gonna clear the final dungeon/castle hopefully today or tomorrow.

EDIT: Score! 100/100 kinstones fused, onto the final dungeon/battle.
AC Dasher wrote:I just want to rush through Yoshi's New Pramland

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