Fire Emblem: Awakening

Nintendo's latest portable console.
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There is a demo on the eShop available now.

Looks like they're adding a 'casual' mode that revives dead units after a mission has ended. Non-permanent death in my Fire Emblem?! Say it ain't so! You still lose if a 'story' unit dies though.

I tried Hard mode on the demo and it seems pretty hard. I died in the first mission quite handily, and again in the second mission. I'm pretty rusty, but I think it's genuinely difficult too.

I like the overworld, the sprites remind me of the old FE games. I wish they went full-on sprites for everything though. The 3D view when in battle scenes still looks goofy to me. The graphics style is similar to that of FF3 for the DS, pretty nice.

There's a new system where you fight together as pairs. Seems pretty cool, I like it. Certain pairs get to attack twice I think? There seems to be various kinds of bonuses based on who you attack/defend with.

The voice acting is good when it's done properly, but the "Huh?" "Oh!" "Hmm" one syllable replies shouldn't even be there. The cinematics look really nice. The characters seem genuinely cool and interesting. The whole universe gives a very Westeros kind of feel.

Pick up here.

I bet J is the only other person planning on getting it

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I've been planning on playing through the Fire Emblem games for forever. The rarity of the first one always stopped me, but I think I'll just emulate it.

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I plan on getting it.

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Looks like it's out on Feb 4th. Perf

holy wow it's been out in Japan since last April o_o

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Still can't seem to find a retail copy anywhere... anyone had any luck with that?

Yes I'm aware you can buy it on the eShop but I want my valuable physical copy (fun fact: Fire Emblem games resell for more than 3000% of their MSRP price)

edit: there was a shipping delay, but i'm just wondering if anyone else saw one in a store or something

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I've only ever seen The Sacred Stones in a store. Fire Emblem seems pretty popular; what's up with the rarity?

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I bought it on the eshop yesterday and it's pretty fun

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I still can't find this anywhere... I think I'll end up getting it on the eShop and buy a physical copy later.

I hope they haven't given up producing copies already and Nintendo just sucks at distributing games or something

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Nintendo of America sucks at everything.

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where is my EarthBound VC release NOA?!

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this game is so good. i just beat chapter 19

actual spoiler: I charged the leader with just an Assassin/Dark Mage combo and won in 3 rounds

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I ended up buying the game twice oops lol

yeah I replayed through all of it! but now my cartridge is my good save file

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i had to use a pretty interesting formation for ch 20. nosferatu is OP

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