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Maybe if you're sneaky about it...

edit: just take semi-frequent poop breaks, problem solved

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We won in Round 2 in that tournament I mentioned on the previous page



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I've got a few good Pokémon on my team, but only pairs really work together. It's like I have three good starts.

I'm also planning a monotype team; they're really fun.

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Anyone want to trade a Pinsir to me for something? They're X only friend safari.

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So the SV checker thing really does work:
31/xx/31/31/31/31 Timid Protean.

I'll have a few 5IVs leftover if anyone is interested in one.

edit: yeah Monkey I'll catch you a Pinsir.
edit2: caught, it's a female w/ Mold Breaker. Trade me next time you see me on. I'll mark the IVs

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Anything that you'd want for it, Devo?

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Nah I'll take whatever.

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jman, -30 degrees

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We won in round 3 in that gaf tournament too


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we lost in the semifinals


pretty badly.

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new patch fixes online cheating

went back to laverre to talk to the lady and see my badge-mons. here's my final list

Bug: Chespin, Zigzagoon, Spewpa, Pidgey
Cliff: Kirlia, Swalot, Shedinja, Quilladin, Pidgey, Azurill
Rumble: Hawlucha, Burmy, Burmy, Bunnelby, Machoke, Quilladin
Plant: Vivillon, Taillow, Skiddo, Pelipper, Hawlucha, Fletchinder
Voltage: Gabite, Skiddo, Shedinja, Delphox, Whirlipede, Solosis
Fairy: Skrelp, Skorupi, Pancham, Psyduck, Slugma, Duosion
Psychic: Pawniard, Vibrava, Yanma, Meditite, Spoink, Wailmer
Iceberg: Bisharp, Slowpoke, Noibat, Gabite, Vanillite, Mienfoo

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and you thought I was crazy thinking they would patch Instacheck

enjoy your crow, bitch

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i admit, i'm totally surprised nintendo gives a shit. however i don't give a shit about SVs

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they probably don't give a shit about SVs but wanted to patch the battle cheating, so they probably had to patch both or none.

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Kinda quit when I took a second job in December. My all-bug team will see the light of day (but hopefully not fire).

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