Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Nintendo's latest portable console.
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go to the island at night and catch big beetles. big money

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Drevin wrote:go to the island at night and catch big beetles. big money
There's good fishing there, too. I like to fish and catch any beetles that I happen to see.

I also had no idea that most fortune cookies were winners. I had a full inventory and a half of fortunes stashed in a drawer before I figured out you could turn them in. I figured there'd be something other than a fortune if you won (and it would be "so rare"). Majora's mask is awesome.

If anyone else is interested, I could make some sort of turnip thread, where we all post our turnip prices.

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I'm purposefully avoiding the turnips. I don't want to 'beat' the game anytime soon...

Let's start trading some stuff. I only need a few more fossils and I've got a ton of the Nintendo items to trade.

Fossils I need:
Styracosaurus Torso
Pachysaurus Tail
Pachysaurus Torso
Parasaurus Torso
Spinosaurus Tail
Plesiosaur head
Megacerops Head
Megacerops Torso
Ankylo (all parts)

Fossils to trade:
Raptor torso
Ichthyo skull

Nintendo items
Triple Red Shells
Triple Bananas
Blue Falcon
Yellow Pikmin Hat (x3)

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Here's the stuff I have to trade. I might have sold some not on the list accidentally or put them somewhere dumb. I'll update again if I run across them.

Nintendo Items:
Majora's Mask
Hero's Clothes

Styraco Torso
Diplo tail
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I'll definitely trade you something for the Hero Clothes... I've got quite a few doubles of things

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when are you available Monkey?

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Late at night, which shouldn't be bad for you. Any time in the next few hours or after 11pm eastern during the week.

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I'm just grabbing some beetles to pay off the cafe, want to drop by in the next 30 minutes or so?

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Sure, I'll take inventory and check out your list in the mean time

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I actually acquired some hero clothes today, but I could still use a Master Sword...

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Drevin wrote:I actually acquired some hero clothes today, but I could still use a Master Sword...
Either I accidentally sold it or I put it somewhere stupid, because I only see one. I'm updating my list right now...

edit: I've noted a few things missing. If I run across them, I'll add them to the list.

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my gates are open

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Don't know if you saw, but I don't seem to have a second master sword after all. Want something else?

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Drevin wrote:my gates are open
sending supplies

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Ray wrote:
Drevin wrote:my gates are open
sending supplies
quit screwin' around!
still not going to buy this game?

Monkey what K.K. tunes do you have? You can come catalog mine tonight (and let's trade some more fossils/Nintendo items)

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