Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Nintendo's latest portable console.
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Monkey wrote:
link470 wrote: Can you "beat" it, or finish a main campaign in any of the Animal Crossing games?
You can fully expand and pay off your house.
Ah ok nice. Is that the same objective in every Animal Crossing game so far? Like Wild World, City Folk, New Leaf etc.

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link470 wrote:
AC Dasher wrote:I always forget you have a DS.... it's been awhile.
Just a DS though! Not a 3DS or anything, still my original.
OT: I finally finished Phantom Hourglass earlier this year.
OT: Also, only you'd care, can't remember if I told you...I was cleaning awhile ago and I realized I had kept the entire time in my DS box case the piece of the hinge that broke off in grade 12 during lunch that one day. I recently repaired it and glued it back on carefully. The hinge is now fixed!
OH YEAH I do remember! Whatever the repair cost was, send the bill to Bobby iirc lol

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yeah we never did get you on to the new fangled 3D there, linkus.

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AC Dasher wrote:I like catching bugs in other games and collecting in general. I always thought Animal Crossing was Harvest Moon with furries (and despite the tone of that statement, it actually seems like a good thing).

And certain NC members always though the AC in AC Dasher was for 'Animal Crossing' haha
If you like collecting, AC will be your bag fo sho. There are fossils, fish, fruit, furniture, bugs, clothes, hats, other player's designs, ... there is a lot to collect in this game.

Actually that is something I think you'd really like too: they have a pretty cool designer tool which lets you design clothes/walls/floors/signs/etc (and eventually furniture).(probably easiest for me to just show you it next time you're over)

The game to me is basically what you play after a long day a work. The game is care-free good times. Hop in, go dig up some fossils. Go see what the latest is on the town board. Talk to some of your neighbours. Go fishing. Go to the tropical island (your paradise, AC!). Go start a new public works project. For a "Sims lite" there is a lot to do in this game.

The "goal" in the game I guess is to upgrade your house fully and deck out your town with public works projects. I think the latter can go on indefinitely (you can demolish and start new projects), but your house will eventually be 'maxed out'.

There are online features as well that let you visit your friend's towns (when their gates are open), and you can go see random towns in a sort of 'dream state' (basically you're just looking). There is a friends list of sorts that tells you when your friends are online (once you register as "Best Friends").

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Nice, that's perfect! Thanks Devo. I think I'm gonna start playing the DS one and see how it goes.

Maybe I can get it soon...

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Apparently Nintendo has this thing called Image Share and you can link it to a tumblr account...

so I did what all the cool kids are doing and made a tumblr blog wordpress:

now you too can stay up to date and follow the trial after pietro's murder

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That's pretty nifty, I must say.

edit: lol, especially going to enjoy the play-by-play death of a clown. Chhyeah buddy!

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This is the Image Share thing:

Oh, goodie. A new blog to follow. This'll be amusing. =P

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I'll try this crap out too. My first impression is annoyance of the 3DS browser not allowing me to type a special character into the password field.

Here it goes; I already regret the super-tumblry name I seemed to have chosen.

It's easy enough to be worth doing.

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My Dream Address is 4000-2276-0096

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I tried to do the tumblr thing; it's right up my alley. But I've had the same problem Monkey had. And it never let's me proceed - now I've wasted too much time trying to get through. Damn.

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AC Dasher wrote:I tried to do the tumblr thing; it's right up my alley. But I've had the same problem Monkey had. And it never let's me proceed - now I've wasted too much time trying to get through. Damn.
I have a second problem, I hardly do anything but go fishing in the game.

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animal crossing is a gateway drug to tumblr

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