Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo's latest portable console.
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I like the single analog nub.

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it's like they learned nothing

i hope the battery life is good (the video mentioned it was longer than the 3ds, but not by how much)

Things I like:
-more space underneath the Plus pad
-matte border around the top screen... and everywhere! Shiny is nice, but slippery and fingerprints easily.
-actual Select, Home, and Start buttons
-rounded edges means no corners digging into your hand during certain games

Things I'm unsure of:
-shape of the LEDs. *shrug* I'm used to my 3DS's square ones
-recessed text on the buttons and other locations on the system provide spots for grime to get stuck

Things I'm pretty sure I wouldn't like:
-if it's anything like the DSi XL, it'll be heavy. Not ideal for stylus games where you're holding the system with one hand
-on top of that, due to the larger screen, it'll be further from your face. Holding a heavier system further from you just makes your arms more tired
-not as travel-sized

I'll mention it to my mother - she loves her DSi XL, and didn't want to downgrade to the smaller 3DS screen. There's a pretty good chance she'll want Professor Layton and the Mask of Miracle, which might motivate her to buy the system. I don't know if she'll bother, though. At this point, she doesn't play that many games, other than really casual ones on her iDevice.

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I wonder if the screen will have a better viewing angle as well? I'm not looking for 180 degrees here but if you moved the screen just slightly the 3d effect is ruined... might just be a technological limitation though

Well, I'd imagine that just by scaling up the size you'd have a little more give in the viewing angle. Not much, mind you, but a few degrees due to the added distance from your face and the larger display...

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well it worked last time, might as well make another.

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According to this IGN article the 3DS XL's battery life is a whopping 3.5-6.5 hours versus the 3DS's 3-5 hours.

Well, so much for my purchase.

Also they got rid of the telescoping stylus, and now the stylus slides in the side instead of the top.

fake edit: who am I kidding I'll probably still get one

It would be nice to own one, but as it doesn't let me conveniently carry my account around with me between systems like the Wii U should... I'd end up with a lot of confusion quickly, depending on whether I wanted a bigger screen or a more portable system. I'd have to transfer everything back and forth every time.

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I won't let you live it down if you get one, Devo

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it'll be soooo new and shiny though...

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I promise to be supportive of your decision, one way or the other.

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