Kid Icarus: Uprising

Nintendo's latest portable console.
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Wow, 2012 huh? Man time flies.

Yeah to get hearts playing on higher intensities helps. What do you need the hearts for? If you're trying to buy a weapon I recommend not wasting the hearts as you can just play on higher intensities and fuse weapons to get something of that calibur. If you're trying to get something from a gem though...good luck. Some of those are crazy expensive. Might take you a while to get those.

How far are you in the game anyway?

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I just hit Chapter 13. I must have got these gems from Streetpass or something. Yeah they are really good. Getting used to the controls again...

I still want this game. Someday...

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I still love the writing for this game, it's super charming. The gameplay is pretty good too. The controls aren't nearly as bad as I remember. Takes some getting used to sure, but after that it feels good. Air segments are still the tops though.

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How do you hold the 3ds. I remember it was fun, but the fact that you both had to hold it only with your left hand and also use the circle pad(and I believe L) cramped my hand up pretty quick.

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Hard to describe, but I hold it with my left hand (thumb on the circle pad), and place it between my pinky and ring finger on the right hand. It seems to take a bit of strain off of the left hand, and feels more comfortable. I've got big hands, so YMMV.

Edit: kinda like the 4th panel here

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